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I’ve been thinking about how to organize my thoughts to share the journey I’ve experienced to finally signing a contract with the Long Beach Unified School District (LBUSD). It’s been a complicated, frustrating, and often times discouraging journey, but it’s led me to the school that I’ll officially start my teaching career. I thought a quick timeline would be appropriate, and also help keep it short and concise.

October 2003 – started taking online classes at National University

February 2005 – left Saatchi & Saatchi (for the first time) to student teach at Cubberley School

May 2005 – completed student teaching with absolutely no hope of getting a teaching position

June 2005 – completed the credential program - Yeah! I have a Multiple Subject Credential

June 2005 – returned to Saatchi & Saatchi as a freelancer

September 2005 – assigned to a 3rd grade class at Burnett Elementary School as a long-term substitute

December 2005 and April 2005 – returned to Saatchi & Saatchi as a freelancer for the month while on vacation from Burnett. Since I didn’t know if I would have a teaching job for the 2006-2007 school year (I’m a planner), I thought, “Better keep my relationships with Saatchi.”

April 2006 – completed the master's progam - Yeah! I have a masters degree!

July 2006 – officially left Burnett because my 3rd grade position was filled by a displaced contracted teacher; thus I’m officially unemployed

August 2006 – by the grace of God, I interviewed and got the position to teach 5th grade at Muir Elementary School as a long-term substitute

September 10th 2006 – got engaged! (Wow, everything was going my way!)
September 11th 2006 – lost my position at Muir due to low enrollment. A displaced teacher took my position. I asked Rob, “Perhaps I can be a stay-at-home fiancée?” Can you guess his response?

September 2006 – hastily took an RSP substitute position at Newcomb Leadership Academy. The Resource Specialist Program (RSP) provides educational planning, special instruction, tutorial assistance, or other services to exceptional individuals in regular classrooms (it’s a pull-out program).

September 2006 – realized I loved working with mild/moderate special needs children. I hoped to get the position but because I didn’t have a Special Education credential and nor was I enrolled in a Special Education credential program, I didn’t get the position.

wow...September 2006 was an emotional month!

October 2006 – applied to CSULB to work on my Special Education credential. Blah, not looking forward to going back to school, but very excited that I discovered this area of education that I previously didn’t consider.

October 2006 – returned to Saatchi & Saatchi as an employee, not a freelancer (thank goodness I kept in touch). Woot – finally have benefits again! Pray for a job for the next school year!

February 2007 – we got married. Guess as a new teacher, I wouldn’t have been able to plan our wedding in 5 months…things happen for a reason, right?

May 2007 – FINALLY signed a contract for a 6th grade RSP position at Franklin Classical Middle School!!! Yeah!!!

July 13th 2007 – last day at Saatchi & Saatchi…but never say never

That’s the journey I’ve experienced on this road to become a teacher. Obviously, I left out all the days and nights I cried and was uncertain of my decision to teach. So many times I thought, “God is telling me something. He’s telling me I’m not meant to be a teacher.” Everyone around me saw otherwise and encouraged me to persevere and hang in there. I’m so glad I have been patient and I think teaching will be everything I’ve hoped and prayed it will be and more! I had some terrible experiences last year at Burnett (wow, those kids were nutty) and not once did I ever think teaching was something I shouldn’t be doing. Being back at Saatchi affirmed my decision even more. Everything happens for a reason and I feel so blessed to have had Saatchi to return to over the years. I’m very excited to start teaching!

Tonight, Rob has a work celebration and this weekend Rob’s mom is throwing a bridal shower for Karen, one of the many cousins. We are also having dinner at Sushi Studio (couldn’t find the website, but it’s next to Brooks College on PCH in Long Beach) with Gabe and Mimi tomorrow evening (our absolute favorite Sushi restaurant and we love experiencing Sushi Studio with Sushi Studio virgins). Sunday, we are going to have lunch with Ashley Gass after church to talk about designing a “look and feel” for our little church. Hooray for the weekend!

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