belated update

Before I offer an update on the highlights from the last couple of weeks, I feel compelled to share a couple of things I witnessed this afternoon.

1. I had an IEP meeting for one of my students where I heard the father refer to his son as "dude". While I am not a parent, I'll say that it just doesn't seem right to call your son "dude". The father was trying to encourage his son to complete his homework. It was like I was on the blacktop listening to two tweens talk, except if one tween was telling the other tween to do his homework, he would probably do his homework. Mental note: don't call my children "dude".

2. I watched today's Oprah about donating organs. I was moved to tears (as usual when I watch Oprah). The first thing I did was double check my license to make sure it had the little donor sticker. I was so moved by this story because we have a good friend who is in need of a new heart. He is on the list, but it could take years, and he has already waited years. Bottom line: I applaud you if you have already made the decision to donate your organs if, God forbid, something tragic were to happen. If you are on the fence, I kindly ask you to reconsider and ask yourself, what else would you do with your organs?

Okay, now for my pictoral recap from the last couple of weeks. I have been really busy, but have managed to squeeze in some fun social activities. First, the blogger brunch was a blast, despite missing Jolene and Kay. Similar to the last brunch, it was odd hearing everyone talk and realizing they actually have a voice. It was so much fun to see everyone for the first and second time time, yet already knowing so much about them. The Internet is so weird!

Back row from left to right: Trish, R, Lan, Ricci, Winnie, Kate, SandSsquared, Claire, Leslie, Ballinaxehammer
Middle row: WeeMo, me, Ashley
Front row: Aline, Wan, Nanette, Lilcee

We also recently met up with our friends, Catharine and her hubby Zuri. I went to high school with Catharine (and evidentally SandSsquared's husband too, something new I learned at the brunch) and we've been friends ever since German class in the 10th grade when I was Heidi and she was Katrin. Catharine is a dancer with Ballet San Jose and Zuri, a retired ballet dancer, is now an aspiring actor in Hollywood. They are the true definition of a commuter couple.

For the last 6 years, I've been a mentor to Natalie. We met when she was in 7th grade and in June she is graduating from high school. Crazy! She just turned 18 and to celebrate, Rob and I took her to her favorite restaurant, Cheesecake Factory.

Several weeks ago during holiday break, I took Natalie to an empty parking lot where I let her "drive" my precious Charlotte. She's hoping to get her license soon and I volunteered to teach her how to drive a manual, which was a total joke, but in the end she did an excellent job considering her terrible teacher. We cracked up the entire time. Can't wait until our next "lesson".

For Natalie's birthday, a relative gave her tickets to Stars on Ice. I was honored when she asked me to go with her. I'm ecstatic! I'm a total ice skating nerd, and so is Natalie. Except she's actually pretty good and takes lessons. I just admire ice skating from the warmth of my couch. Our ice skating date is next Wednesday.

Over the last couple of weeks:
- We met up with one of Rob's former colleagues who was in LA visiting from London (although he's moving to LA soon) for brunch and saw The Bucket List
- I had a spa day with Liv and her girlfriends
- Dick and Crystal took us out to a fancy dinner at Frenchy's for our upcoming first wedding anniversary
- I've been to Paper-Source twice with two different friends to help them with invitations/announcements (I'm seriously in love with this place)
- I started taking a class at CSULB for my special education credential (blah)
- I started taking classes to clear my multiple subject credential through LBUSD (double blah)

Phew, updates become super lengthy when it's been a while. Thanks for reading!! Until next time...



I've unintentionally neglected my little blog. I've been super busy non-stop for the last couple of weeks. School, errands, meetings, social events, creative ideations - all great stuff, but they have certainly prevented me from updating my blog. Fortunately though, I haven't been too busy to lurk and stay abreast on all ya'll's lives. Tomorrow after school, I've got no plans! Just a glorious afternoon of starting a Valentine's Day project, updating my blog with very belated events, and laundry.

I'm currently loving:

- Anything pink and red, particularly carnations, candles, and paper
- My purple fluffy slippers
- Deciding where we'll spend our anniversary vacation
- Conversation hearts (too many though becomes too much of a good thing)
- Thinking about a newly planned girls' weekend in Sonoma


nerd alert...

According to Wikipedia, the definition of "Nerd" is: a person who passionately pursues intellectual activities or esoteric knowledge...

I love my husband a zillion times over and I love the fact that he's working from home today in order to watch Steve Jobs' Macworld keynote speech. I refer to him (and other friends too) as a nerd with all the love in my heart. You two can watch here or just get the recap afterwards like the rest of us. Even I'm excited to see if the iPhone will have any new features - a gift from Santa that I need to redeem soon.

Hope the big day brings all the nerdiness one can hope for...

Note: I actually had Rob "approve" this post prior to posting to make sure I didn't offend him. His comment, "Just remember you married it." Seriously, he cracks me up!


anyone out there?

It's National De-Lurking Week (well at least last week was, I may be a little late). I found out from lots of my favorite bloggers, but Nanette seemed to start the trend last week. I loved Wan's de-lurking logo, but you can get one from here. So come out, come out wherever and whoever you are! I'd love to hear from you and read your blog too. I love receiving comments - they make me oddly happy. I also love leaving comments. Let's spread the blogging addiction love...


Ok, so my last blog update was a bit "Debbie Downer". To compensate, here are a few of my favorite new things that bring me lots of joy, smiles, and comfort.

I bought these BCBGirls shoes last week and I absolutely LOVE them! Each time I wear them I receive lots of compliments - that's enough to make a girl feel good, but the red floppy bow brings a smile to my face each time I look down at my feet.

I received a Gap gift card for Christmas and I bought several different colors and patterns of these these long-sleeved layering T's. They are so comfy! I wear them dressed down with jeans and converse and dressed up with slacks and heels.

My dad {or Santa} coughed up a hefty junk of change to purchase the Zeno Acne Clearing Device for me. The reviews I read completely sold me, but when I initially started using it, I wasn't sold. After a few more uses, I'm totally sold and LOVE it! I'm kind of addicted and use it more than I probably should, but so far, my skin has been clear. Yeah! Thank you Proactiv and Zeno!

And finally, Jack Johnson's latest album will be released on 2.5.08 - I'm so excited! I pre-ordered the album on iTunes last month and was able to download "If I Had Eyes". I absolutely already love it! I can't wait for the album to be released in a few weeks. This hopefully means he'll be on tour soon too!!

Off to enjoy a steak dinner, a glass of wine, and my wonderful hubby before the hectic week begins...


can you even imagine...

A girlfriend recently told me that she had some great news and some terrible news to share with me. I knew she and her husband had been trying to get pregnant for several months, so I had a feeling what she was about to share. First, she confirmed her pregnancy. For an instant I was so thrilled for her, until she shared the terrible news. At their 8-week check-up, they heard the baby's strong heartbeat. They were also told that her white blood cell count was extremely high. After an agonizing few days and a bone marrow biopsy, it was confirmed my friend was diagnosed with Chronic Mylogenous Leukemia (CML). What are the odds of CML being discovered during pregnancy? 1 in 750,000...They were faced with the nightmare decision to terminate the pregnancy (and frankly, the baby saved her life) or risk delaying treatments until the baby is born in just over 6 months. What do you do when you feel a baby saved your life? Shouldn't you save its life? Well, that's what they decided to do...They are now in their 11th week of pregnancy and going in for weekly blood tests to ensure both mommy and baby are doing well. I agree with Jolene, cancer sucks and I hate you too!

I think about my girlfriend all day and I just can't even begin to imagine how she and her family are feeling, but I do know she's trying to be strong and live a normal life. I'm leaving it up to God and I hand Him all my worries, cries, and sorrow...

Praying for peace and strength.


back at it...

Today was my first day back at school after a glorious 2 weeks off. While I don't totally mind being back at school, I'm a bit sad to say farewell to my lazy days at home, or my staycation as Nanette so perfectly puts it. Here are some photos from the last couple of weeks that made me smile today as I thought back to my staycation:

Our AMA holiday party:
The ladies
The boys
The kiddies: Sarah and her mommy, Gina
Cole and his mommy, Pam
and Jerry...

Our first Christmas Eve dinner:

My talented hubby
The other talented Tuckers

The Palmer Christmas at Bob's Big Boy:

Breakfast with the Malouf family:

I'm so in love with this little girl!


happy new year!

I hope everyone had a fun and safe New Year's Eve. I can't believe a year has gone by. 2007 was an incredible year for me, obviously kicking off with marrying the man of my dreams. On the other hand, 2007 has been a challenging year for many of my closest friends. From death, to life-changing health diagnoses, to infertility, to marriage questioning - it's been a hard year. I pray that 2008 will offer peace of mind, clarity, strength, trust, faith, and above all, happiness within all of the experiences that we are challenged with.

Cheers to the start of something new!