congratulations randall fam!

Today’s post will be super short! Just a quick congratulations to my girlfriend Melanie! She’s a new auntie to identical twin boys! Welcome to this crazy world, Jake & Tyler! The boys are still in the hospital, but as soon as they gain some weight, eat regularly (without spitting it all back out) and manage their own body temperatures, they’ll be home. Yeah! Congratulations! Here are a few pics that Melanie sent me. Little Tyler required some oxygen the first night, but after that he was breathing on his own like his little brother.

Baby Tyler

Baby Jake

All these babies and toddlers...I don't have baby-fever yet, but they sure are sweet!

Until next time...


Jolene said...

oh my gosh! They are so adorable! Please send Mel my love and congrats! :)

WeezerMonkey said...

Twins are cool! Congrats to your friend!