the day before day 1

The day before day 1 of the 3-Day, Amber and I both hopped on the train {she in LA and me in Anaheim} and headed to San Diego. Laura, my wonderful SIL, picked us up in Solana Beach and prepared a carb-filled dinner for us. Jeff, her BF, helped in the preparations, too.

Without getting into details about the lack of support I received from my administration at school, I thought I should at least get the support from my students. The week of the walk, I spoke with my students about my upcoming weekend. Most were really excited for me and interested in the cause, it was only a couple boys that giggled when I said "breast" {they are 12 year olds}. The students created signs for me to post on my doors and walls.

If I had to pick a favorite, this would be a contender

I left school a little early on Thursday {luckily, I didn't have students last period that day} and I totally felt the need to literally sneak out, not wanting to ask for any additional time off, thank you for your generosity, Mr. Principal. The week of the walk, I had a huge paper at school due, which left little time for packing and other preparations. Thankfully, I squeezed in just enough time to pack and run errands, which was very stressful ensuring I had all the necessary items.

Rob was a critical element that week in keeping me calm! Here he's loading all my junk in his car

Once in San Diego at Laura's place, Amber and I caught up with Laura and Jeff and organized all our stuff. When we first tried on our skirts, made lovingly just for us by my MIL, we were so excited at how beautiful and comfortable they were!

Then it was off to sweet dreams of pink tutus and walking shoes decorated with pink curly ribbons, excited for the experience ahead...

the hungry cat and m83

Last night we had the pleasure to hang with some friends up in Hollywood. We dined at the The Hungry Cat, a seafood and raw bar, and then we walked over to the Fonda Theatre to see M83, a "shoegazer" band that totally engaged us with lots of cool sounds and bright colors. M83 reminds me of my brother's band, Innaway, another rock shoegazer-type band with cool keyboard and drum sounds.

At The Hungry Cat, our table ordered a 2-tier seafood platter with all kinds of seafood I've never tried: oysters, mussels, clams, and caviar. It also had shrimp and lobster. Everyone ordered something very exotic with fancy seafood and I thought I was playing it safe by ordering a burger...

The remnants of the oyster and mussel I tried

Rob enjoying some caviar

And then some lobster tentacles (not really)

M83 at the Fonda

But a couple hours after we all digested our dinner and were enjoying the show, I started feeling waves of nausea. We all walked out together and the fresh air helped, but only for a few minutes. I thought I was going to lose it right there on Sunset Blvd {I was seriously afraid people would think I was one of those drunk girls who can't handle her liquor intake}. Thankfully, we made it home but only to spend the night on the bathroom floor. Rob was a seriously amazing husband and hung out with me while I was shaking with chills like a mad woman on the cold tile. Feeling better this evening, after sleep, 7-Up, applesauce, and bread...I would definitely still recommend The Hungry Cat, just stay away from the red meat. But one of the other couples raved about the burger, so maybe take your chances - the french fries were incredible. Their speciality is certainly in the area of seafood, though. Everyone else is fine today, a sign that it was just me...


3-day walk preview

Here are a couple of preview pics from our 3-Day Breast Cancer Walk weekend. Amber and I both took tons of photos, so we are in the midst of exchanging all of them. To sum up our weekend: incredible. I'll be back next year!

Our home away from home
A frequent {necessary} activity along the walk : stretching

Check out our adorable skirts...my wonderful MIL made them for us. The compliments were endless throughout the weekend! You'll find me wearing mine around the house {often}.

More to come...


60 miles...really?

Well, it's down to the final few days before our big 60 mile walk and I ask, how far could 60 miles really be? I'm feeling:

- underprepared
- overwhelmed
- excited
- anxious
- stressed for the last few things I need to do before Thursday afternoon when I board a train for San Diego

I'm really looking forward to taking in each and every moment this weekend. From Friday morning when we arrive at 5am for the opening ceremonies to the Sunday afternoon closing ceremonies. I hope this experience will be profound...

And cross our fingers we see lots of this for endurance and laughter...

And not experience much of this...

If you're a praying friend, we'll take plenty those and if you're a thinking good thoughts friend, we'll accept lots of those, too!

photos courtesy of flickr


new techy love

It's love, me and my new little girl, it's already love...

Apple says it's: Redesigned. Reengineered. Re-everythinged.

To me, it's simply beautiful! I feel so lucky that I got her {she's totally a girl, since I name all my inanimate objects). Seriously though, I feel blessed that we can delight in something so luxurious.

I have SO much to catch up on!!!