farewell iSaac

iSaac, my little iBook G4, bit the dust last week. Not only is the motherboard bad, but the hardrive may be bad also. While we also have a desktop, nothing really replaces the convenience of a laptop. Rob has a laptop. but that's usually attached to his lap. I did all my blogging, emailing, and homework on the couch or in bed with iSaac on my lap. It was a surprise that he bit the dust, but we've had him since 2003, so he lived a good and productive life. Thankfully, after a few prayers, he turned back on long enough for me to grab my latest resume, my thesis, and some teaching stuff. He hasn't turned on since. While this isn't totally an excuse for my absence, it kinda is. At school, I can get on Google Reader, but pictures don't load and I can't comment. Like I've said before, by the time I get home, I'm beat and don't want to sit at a desk and be online. I guess the latest version of some iBook is launching in June, according to the AppleInsider website, so that's when I can return to blogging, emailing, and doing homework on the couch or in bed.

I have even been taking pictures to share with hopes that I'll get back to my semi-regular blogging, but I can't figure out how to upload the pictures on Rob's desktop. There are so many wires coming out of the monitor area and the camera USB thingy doesn't fit in any of the wires. So, I'll have to wait until he gets home, which by then I'll be over it. This sort of makes me sound like a dumb redhead, but I had it all figured out on iSaac.

Anyway, the one picture I can show is the one I downloaded of my new Nicole Miller eyeglasses. My favorite part...they're called, "Little Black Dress".

To all the blogs on my blogroll: I am reading daily or at least every other day. Just not commenting as much, which I know is lame since that's the best part about blogging. I'm still a loyal fan...but a busy loyal fan and squeezing in my reading before school, during school, or when I should be doing homework.

Have a great weekend!

In Loving Memory
iSaac Tucker
October 2003 - April 2008
A reliable friend, a creative outlet, and a good machine