half-a steppin' out {3.27.11}

Despite a bit of a stuffy nose {perhaps teething}, we were super busy this weekend and of course, Itsy looked adorable all weekend! I forgot to take a picture on both Saturday and Sunday but remembered last night right before it was time to put Itsy in her jammies. Daddy was doing something, so I could only snap a quick pic of Itsy, who was not the most willing subject.

Who says you can't wear stripes and polka dots?

Dress - Target {Geniune Kids from Oshkosh}
Baby Legs - Etsy {Posh Pipsqueak}
Shoes - Converse


steppin' out {3.20.11}

This week's Steppin' Out edition finds us bundled up! Saturday, we stayed in all afternoon, but Sunday we were out and about.

Entire outfit, including jacket - Target {Geniune Kids from Oshkosh}
Shoes: Converse

Jeans - Gap Skinny Jeans
Shirt - Target
Jacket - J.Crew {purchased in 2000 at a San Francisco thrift store for $20}
Scarf - Anthropologie
Boots - DSW {Diba}

Here's a closer look at Itsy. I love, love this jacket! I also loved the little sweat shirt she was wearing, but it's hard to see it in this picture.

A couple cute pics from our lunch play date. Itsy loves spending time with older kiddos. She's mesmerized by them and tries to keep up with them, usually stumbling along the way. She's a tough little monkey!

Another older boy crush...

There was a more graphic kissing picture, but it may not be appropriate for the world wide web...


steppin' out {3.13.11}

So, it's been well over a year since my last update. Not only is Itsy a girl, but Itsy was born and just turned 1!!! I'm not convinced I'll have time to do regular blog updates like I did pre-baby, but I can certainly make time for this new weekly feature.

For the record, we are still going to call our girl, "Itsy" on my blog. Though on Facebook, she's all over my updates, I feel most comfortable keeping her name private to the blog world masses {not that I actually think my little blog is read by many}.

For my {few} blog readers, mostly my girlfriends, I thought I'd participate in the weekly feature, Steppin' Out Saturday {or Sunday, as in today's edition}. My friend, Nanette, has been doing this feature for a while now and I have found myself looking forward to it! I love to see what she and her baby girl are wearing. And really, I thought I would do this to document Itsy. She has the cutest clothes and I love creating her outfits.

Here we go!

Since Itsy is only 1, it's hard to get her to follow directions - i.e., "Itsy, smile!" If I was looking at the camera, then she wasn't and visa verse. She really just wants to explore, not stand still for a picture. She has way more important things to do!

And here's this cute pic, which really shows how cute her little skinny jeans are with the flowers on the waistband. She started running away and we didn't pull down her shirt, which was perfect to get a picture of the flowers.

Pants - Target {Genuine Kids from Oshkosh}
Shirt - Target {Cherokee}
Shoes: Converse

Jacket - H&M
Pants - {super old} Lucky Jeans
Hat - Target
Shoes - {super old} Payless
Accessories - probably F21

Thanks, Nanette for the inspiration! Maybe next weekend I'll actually do my hair and not wear a weekend hat!