star search, here i come...

Well, probably not actually…Friday evening, Rob and I kicked-off the weekend with some dinner and karaoke to celebrate Matt’s 35th birthday. Rob HATES karaoke and Matt LOVES karaoke, so it was a sweet surprise when Rob said he was planning to sing "After the Lovin’" by Engelbert Humperdinck. Matt was a rock star as he sung Rick Springfield’s "Jesse’s Girl". Seriously, he put on such a great show that he was surrounded by a bunch of ladies on the dance floor – it was a great birthday treat for the birthday boy. I sung "Mad About You" by Belinda Carlisle. I was such a nervous freak – it’s amazing I even finished the song. I tried to pretend that I was just being silly with Rob in our living room, but I couldn’t pretend…I was so nervous! I’m actually surprised that I was so nervous, I usually am not easily embarrassed. I posted our video of Matt singing, it's awesome!

Matt, Rob, and I
Matt rockin' to Jesse's Girl

Rob singin' Engelbert
Mad About You

Saturday morning we woke up super early for a church cleaning, also known as Project Haggai. It’s the first of three cleaning sessions. I arranged for a small dumpster to be delivered thinking it would be large enough, turns out that it wasn’t even close to big enough. After 45 minutes of cleaning the dumpster was totally full! The Salvation Army also arrived this morning to pick-up about 40 bags and boxes of “treasures” (“junk” to us, hopefully “treasures” to someone else). It was a really successful morning with 29 people helping to clean, sort, trash, and organize. I took tons of pictures with someone's camera (ours was full from the previous evenings karaoke adventure)...I'll post them when I receive them, hopefully this afternoon.

Rob and I were able to take a quick nap before heading over to Jeff and Karen’s home for Katie’s 3rd birthday party. This party theme was Princesses. We had a great time jumping on their new trampoline and enjoying some more “baby time”! In fact, my baby-fever odometer is slightly raised after holding Josie…

Katie, the birthday girl

Katie and her daddy, Jeff
Josie and I (ugh, she's SO cute)

Rob and I on the trampoline

The day wasn’t over after the party – Rob and I had date night! We finally saw Knocked Up and I loved it! Rob thought it was funny, but I thought it was totally hysterical! I love movies with heart too. I’m a cheap date, after the movie we ate some In-N-Out burgers and then finally home for some much needed rest.

Sunday after church we met up with some college friends for brunch at Acapulco in Long Beach. Marisa brought beautiful Charlize and Jesse brought sweet Cole…it was another babyfest! It was so good to see everyone and enjoy a couple hours of catching up!

Marisa and her baby, Charlize

Charlize, isn't she adorable?

Charlize is VERY flexible (really, she can already do the splits)
Charlize loves strawberries

Charlize and I

Jolene and Charlize
The Tingson family (Pam, Jesse and Cole)

Like father, like son

Cole and I

The gang

After, once again, a much needed nap, we hosted our weekly Bible study at our condo (and 2 new faces arrived)! We were supposed to workout afterwards, but I was beat and thought I might be coming down with a cold. So instead, Rob studied the Blogger website to learn how I can upload video (there's a chance he's becoming addicted to my blogging habit too) and I sat in the bath watching West Wing before taking some Theraflu to knock me out for the evening. I feel good today, perhaps it was just my body’s reaction to not wanting to go to the gym…that means I have to go today…

Happy Monday!


WeezerMonkey said...

Karaoke rules! You should try Orchid in Koreatown. Private rooms = more fun and less performance anxiety. :)

Jolene said...

that's awesome that you went up there and sang! you're my hero! Love your pics. Okay, now I'm obsessed with your leopard shoes...I NEED them! haha!

Robert said...

What a weekend! You said it, now we HAVE to go to the gym tonight... see you there at 7:30/8:00?