Last night when I checked my email, I received a lovely email from Jolene who told me she has officially signed up to become a wish granter with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. I’m so thrilled! Rob and I signed up nearly one year ago…truthfully however, I’ve only done two wishes and Rob hasn’t done any. With our wedding planning, I just didn’t have time and I don’t need to say much about Rob’s horrid work schedule. For the last few years, our Christmas gifts to friends and family came in the form of Make-A-Wish donations and I love that my friends are supporting this great organization.

In fact, my second wish will hopefully come to a close shortly after August 18th. I’ve been working with a 17-year old girl, Tianna, since September. Tianna has Hodgkin’s Disease. I don’t know the specifics of her illness, however she hasn’t been strong enough for us to grant her wish, which is a Disney Cruise with her family. Most recently Tianna has been in the hospital for over a month and, praise God, she was released yesterday! I was so excited when my wish partner emailed me with this update! Tianna’s on a special diet until August 17th so we’re hoping that she will set sail shortly after that (you just can’t go on a cruise and be on a special diet, can you?). Up next, Tianna’s wish party where we give her all the details of her cruise! When that’s planned, I’ll share this exciting news.

Now that our wedding planning is over, my Saatchi work schedule is winding down and I’ll be transitioning back into having a teacher schedule, I hope to participate in more wishes. Even better, Rob and I will become a wish granting team! Perhaps Jolene and I can be a team too!

On a lighter note, Rob and I bought in on the latest Diet Coke gimmick…Diet Coke Plus. Has anyone else tried it? Rob's rationale for buying it, "I just want to check it out for the technology." We’re still taking our vitamins though…

Last night I went to Sharkeez in Manhattan Beach with Melanie and Kristi. No martinis this time, just good ole’ 2 for 1 cheap drinks. It was a great girl’s night out – just catching up with one another. The latest on each of them – Kristi is pondering law school (she’ll definitely be my most educated friend, she already has an MBA, although Laura is getting close to completing her PhD) and Mel is anxiously awaiting the arrival of her twin boy nephews (could arrive as soon as this weekend!). Of course, I forgot my camera – clearly I’m still a new blogger.

Check out these two blogs if you’re looking for something to do:

Boey’s Blog – about a little girl fighting cancer – she’s a little warrior!

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More tomorrow…

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Jolene said...

I just LOVE how my name gets mentioned in your blog so often! :) and so happy you liked the blogs I recommended. Please send my love to Mel and Kristi!