up, up, and away

Here's a pictorial update of our quick trip to Santa Barbara for lunch with friends, Gino and Rebecca last weekend. Gino is a pilot and offered to fly us to Santa Barbara in exchange for some lunch...Sounded good, albeit scary, but we totally trusted Gino.

Walking to the plane at the Santa Monica Airport

Rebecca, the co-pilot pro
Nervous - well I more than Rob, he was being silly
Praying for a safe takeoff
In the air and happy
The confident co-pilot, she's done this a thousand times!
The confident pilot
Beautiful, somewhere over LA
On solid ground in Santa Barbara, walking to Beachside Cafe
The nervous co-pilot on the way back home {being silly with jazz hands}
The excited co-pilot helping takeoff
Somewhere over Santa Barbara
The backseat passengers
Preparing to land
Safe and smooth landing!
Back on solid ground again!
Last Saturday was a pretty awesome day! It was crazy to think that we left Santa Monica around 1pm and returned at about 6pm. Not a bad mode of transportation! I can't wait for next time {I won't be a nervous flyer next time, either}.


{belated} valentine's day

For Valentine's Day, Rob and I exchange DVDs. We've done this for years now and we love this tradition. It's cheap and it creates 2 date nights!

This year, Rob surprised me with the Sex and the City movie. Not only did he totally surprise me with this DVD, but he also gave it to me in DC! While I, the one who is all about tradition, totally forgot to even purchase Rob's DVD! It's not that I forgot, it's just I didn't have time. When we returned, I made it a priority and ended up with the X-Men Trilogy {thanks, Griff for the reco}. We watched Sex and the City in DC on Valentine's Day, so hopefully this weekend we'll start watching X-Men.

I feel so spoiled {em, well cared for}...last year, Rob treated me to the entire series! That was a good gift, too!

I love that Valentine's Day will live on during 2009 in the Tucker home with Sex and the City!

DC pics to come...


dc tease

We had such a blast in DC last weekend. Here are a few teaser pics...

My Pinocchio

In front of the Department of Education

With sweet Winnie
More to come!


busy busy bee!

Life has been super hectic in the Tucker world! Now that school is back in session, I definitely have less time to blog. While I sneak in time throughout my day to peruse Google Reader, I find it really challenging to actually update my blog. Not only is school consuming, but so are the other requirements of being a teacher. For those of you educators out there, you know how ridiculously time consuming it is to clear a credential {my GE credential} and student teach {I'm a special education intern} - I'm doing both this semester. On the bright side, I can see the light - I'll be done in May!!!! On top of these responsibilities, Emily and I are trying to grow my juku. We have so many great ideas, unfortunately, we have limited time to follow-through.

Anyway, enough of my complaining. Essentially, I'll be an infrequent updater from now until May. There are two babies {Palmer & Farrier bundles} that will soon color my world with even more love and I can't wait to share those updates in April {or sooner, if the babies are ready to enter our crazy world early}.

Though I don't comment much anymore, I'm still a lover and an avid reader to every one of my daily reads...

Photo courtesy of Flickr


year 2 as mrs. tucker

Rob and I celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary on Tuesday {2.10}. It really has been 2 years of wedded bliss. We have been so blessed with a great friendship that continues to grow each day. Simply, we feel lucky to have one another and are excited for our future.

I can't believe that just 2 years ago we said our wedding vows. These pictures from our wedding day make me smile:

Walking hand in hand and arm in arm is my favorite!

Tuesday evening we went to Ristorante daVinci in Long Beach. The last time we were here was the night Rob proposed to celebrate our engagement {side note: after Rob proposed, he took me to daVinci and then surprised me again by inviting some friends and family - an incredible evening}.

That stain on Rob's shirt is from earlier in the evening when I spilled my ice cream on him. Little did I know that a few moments later he would ask me to marry him.

Our anniversary dinner:

Our {cotton} t-shirts are a pair from Bold Loft. His spiderman is capturing my spidergirl in a web of love - totally cheesy, but Rob is a big Spiderman fan. We leave for Washington, DC tomorrow afternoon - that's our real anniversary gift to one another {courtesy of Rob's mom who gave us two Jet Blue tickets that were about to expire}.

Rob was super sweet and went to two different Old Navy stores to buy me this jacket {but in army green}:

Funny though, we were actually at Old Navy together on Saturday where I bought this jacket. He was right there when it was placed in our bag! I wore it all weekend, too. When he arrived home on Tuesday to pick me up for dinner, he was so excited to give me my {cotton} anniversary gift. It was hysterical when I was wearing the jacket when I opened up the jacket. It was a great laugh and of course I wondered, "what else can I get away with..." :) I love this man! He always keeps me laughing!

And because we loved our wedding cake so much, we ordered it again this year. I think it's something that will be ordered every year - a new anniversary tradition that makes us very happy!

When we returned home from dinner, we watched our wedding video. Of course, the minute the music started and our wedding party began walking down the isle, I started tearing up. It was a great way to end an absolutely lovely day!

Looking forward to many more years of fun anniversaries!