camping 101

Rob and I kicked off the long holiday weekend with Spiderman 3 and we both really loved it! Fortunately, driving around the Irvine Spectrum parking structure for nearly 30 minutes didn’t diminish the excitement of the movie. Rob thinks it’s the best of the three movies. I liked Superman Returns the best if I had to pick a superhero movie. While I was really excited to make cheddar potato soup for our camping trip (with our new Le Creuset French oven), I gave in and agreed to see Spiderman and Rob agreed to stop at H&M on our way home from camping – marriage is compromise, right? Alas, our French oven remains unused…

Saturday morning we woke up early to finish packing and gathering all our “gear” for our camping trip to Joshua Tree (or honeymoon #2 as I started referring to our trip). We packed little Charlotte to the brim – we wouldn’t have been able to add one more thing if we needed it. Thankfully, the camping checklist I found online was concise and seemed thorough, I felt prepared while Rob thought we slightly over packed. My moto – better to be too prepared than not prepared enough!

There were times over the weekend when I wish we had a video camera. It would have made for some funny video. First, we spent maybe an hour trying to figure out how to put the tent up. We were both pretty patient and calm considering the wind was a challenge and made it more difficult for us to figure out how to put the tent up. Our friends, Ken and Kelly, were nice enough to let us borrow the tent; unfortunately, it didn’t come with instructions, just Rob’s faint recollection of putting up this tent many years ago. Thankfully the campers around us seemed to not notice our struggle. After a while, God answered my desperate prayer and I took over to put the tent up (as Rob watched in disbelief). This gave us a good laugh and of course I was, and still am, totally proud of myself.

We only had a few minutes to recover from the tent pitching experience before we needed to start the campfire and prepare for dinner. Once again, Rob and I proved to be a great team as we struggled to build a campfire. Our perseverance paid off in the end with a blazing fire of glory! I couldn’t help but take this picture of Rob reading how to start a campfire on his Treo. Yes, we had a hard time starting the fire on Saturday night, but it was equal amounts of our lack of experience and the strong winds. On Sunday night, Rob got the fire started immediately! We were so proud! Two non-campers surviving in the wilderness! By the way, Chef Rob made some very delicious dinners both evenings and a yummy breakfast on Monday.

Sunday was an incredibly restful day. We slept until about noon, read, ate, went on a great hike with an amazing view, and made a great dinner. We even watched Bobby on our laptop in the evening, although it was hard to hear because of the wind and our battery died half way through.

Monday morning, after another kind of frustrating experience packing up the tent, we headed back to reality. Not without a quick stop to H&M at South Coast Plaza though. Thanks to Kristi’s 25% off email, we left with a bag of some goodies. I was so excited to get home, unpack, and finish the book I’ve been reading, Altared. This book is a great quick read comprised of short stories – “27 Writers Tell the Truth About Bridezillas, Bewilderment, Big Love, Breakups, and What Women Really Think About Contemporary Weddings”. I mean really, the cover is absolutely hysterical and caught my eye at Barnes and Noble. As a recent bride, I can attest to feeling this way occasionally.

Unfortunately, when we arrived home, we found out our kitchen faucet wasn’t working, which of course totally annoyed me. Anyhow, after unpacking, a quick rest, a shower, doing some dishes using the bathroom sink, and a load of laundry, we finished watching Bobby and hit the sack.

We had a great weekend and loved our camping adventure. We can’t wait to go again soon! Not before a trip to Hawaii and/or Chicago though. While I love roughing it, I also love room service!

Here are some more pictures…

And just to prove how windy it was, check out our tent…

Until next time…


my 100 favorite things

Gosh, I'm back so soon...The first time I read Jolene’s blog, she listed 100 things of anything and everything on her mind. This is the blog that got me thinking about becoming a blogger myself. I thought it was so fun and I learned some funny/cute things about Jolene that I didn’t know. As I was driving home today, proud of my accomplishment of actually following through and becoming a blogger, I was thinking about all my favorite things, hence my “100 Favorite Things” list – inspired by Jolene and of course, Oprah’s “Favorite Things”. I LOVED doing this! I totally recommend doing it too. Please note that these are not in any particular order, it’s really just a brain dump…

1. When Rob gets home early (he's still not home and it's 9:30pm...no wonder why I need to blog)
2. Hydrangeas (especially shades of pink)
3. Making up silly songs with Rob
4. Being married to my husband
5. Soy mocha lattes from Coffee Bean
6. Golden Spoon
7. Pink Berry – original flavor with strawberries and double Cocoa Pebbles
8. Target
9. Rob Lowe’s character on West Wing
10. Going to a matinee movie
11. Payday
12. Singing in the car with Rob
13. J. Crew
14. Flowy skirts
15. Polka dots
16. Feeling organized
17. Pastor Tom’s sermons
18. Crate & Barrel
19. KeeKee
20. West Wing
21. When Rob sends me sweet text messages
22. The color pink
23. Jack Johnson
24. Pretty dresses
25. People.com
26. Denim jeans
27. Dave Matthews Band
28. Worship music
29. Listening to Rob lead worship at church
30. Going to the ballet
31. Lazy Sundays
32. Legally Blonde movies
33. Oprah
34. Trent.blogspot.com
35. Pretty pillows (which ironically is Rob’s least favorite thing)
36. Perezhilton.com
37. Kevin & Bean
38. KTLA morning news
39. Mimi, my sister-in-law's new business (especially her business cards)
40. Our engagement and wedding photos
41. Taking a bath
42. Listening to Laura sing
43. Snuggling with my husband
44. Afternoon naps
45. Volunteering with Make-A-Wish
46. Charlotte, my orange VW Beetle
47. Fluffy-looking flowers (especially shades of pink)
48. Remembering our honeymoon
49. Reese Witherspoon movies
50. Working for Bruce McDermott
51. Going to my brother’s shows
52. When my husband tells me he loves being my husband
53. Girly time with Mel and Kristi
54. Golden Spoon runs with Emily
55. Spending time with Natalie
56. Spending time with my family
57. Remembering the evening that Rob proposed
58. Spending time with the Tucker’s
59. Spending time with Laura
60. Decorating our home
61. Learning how to garden
62. Going to bible study at the Rockwood’s house
63. Researching couches (to replace our current leather couches – eventually)
64. The way my exhausted body feels after Bikram yoga
65. Getting a massage
66. Going out of town with my husband
67. Putting on my jammies when I get home
68. Nutella
69. Working out with Rob
70. Nutella crepes
71. Donuts (I would eat them daily, but I try to have SOME self-control - Rob, I know what you're thinking)
72. Cleaning
73. When our house is newly cleaned
74. Sleeping on clean sheets
75. New clothes
76. Crossing off every item on a to-do list
77. New shoes
78. Getting my head massaged
79. Laughing
80. My engagement ring and wedding bands
81. Extreme Home Makeover
82. A good cry when I feel stressed out
83. Snuggling by a fire
84. Being warm
85. Roller coasters
86. Being on a wave runner
87. Vanilla scented candles
88. Eating at Sushi Studio
89. Being reminded by Emily that nothing is that big of a deal and laughing about it
90. Riding bikes
91. Having a clean car
92. Experiencing new things with Rob
93. The way aloe feels on a sunburn
94. Sex and the City reruns
95. Crunchy tacos
96. Feeling inspired
97. Having an empty laundry basket
98. Enjoying a good martini with Melanie and Kristi
99. Getting a manicure and pedicure
100. Saying “my husband”

I thought this would take me a very long time, but it didn’t take long at all…I could probably do 200! I know I forgot some!!!

newbie blogger

I started my own blog! I didn’t think I would be someone that would do this, but as I was reading my girlfriend Jolene’s blog. I realized that if she didn’t have a blog, I wouldn’t know what’s been going on with her. Now I visit her blog each day to see what she’s writing about – I actually wish she would update it daily :) There are a couple of other blogs that I visit daily and frankly, it’s become quite the guilty pleasure. 2007 has been an incredible year for me so far and I thought it would be a fun way to document it. Perhaps just my husband will read it, but if nothing else, my writing skills will improve!

Rob and I were married on February 10th (I can’t believe it’s been 3 months already!) and it was definitely the most amazing day of my life. I look forward to many more incredible days and adventures with Rob. In fact, this weekend we are camping at Joshua Tree…that should definitely be an adventure considering we’re two non-campers! Maybe camping will become our new favorite hobby. There are so many fabulous camping locations in California (at least that what I’ve heard). Our wedding photos were just posted on Pictage the other day, so the only pictures I have at this point are from our photographer’s website, by the way, Natalie Moser is, I think, the most talented photographer. We would totally recommend her for any professional photography need. One of my best girlfriends, Kristi Fox, will hopefully help us create our wedding album. We’ll need help since there are over 2000 pictures to choose from…she will be a good third opinion :)

More to come soon…

A couple of my favorite wedding photos so far...