"honey, fyi, it's a bad hair day"

My husband and I wake up to Kevin & Bean, then I fall back asleep until our radio alarm wakes me up again. Today however, I woke up to Rob saying, “Honey, FYI, it's a bad hair day.” Not once, but several times. It was funny and I giggled as I woke up (the best way to wake up, I think). He wasn’t upset about having a bad hair day, just wanted me to know. Why is this strange? Well, when I met Rob over 5 years ago, of anyone I knew he was the least interested in clothes, shoes, accessories, needless to say, hair products. We laughed this morning as I reminded him of his hair product past, or lack thereof, and then he reminded me that I’ve created a metro-sexual monster. Now, Rob will only use Enjoy hair products and sometimes (he’s going to make me remove this once he reads it) he uses 2 hair products, Bumble and Bumble’s Sumotech – only the best for my hubby! I’m still giggling – just one of the many reasons why I love my husband so much. BTW, it's not a bad hair day for me. Sorry, babe.

Moving on from hair products to my evening last night. I met with several former Saatchi & Saatchi colleagues at the new Salt Creek Grille in El Segundo. They had delicious food and superb service. It was so great to see Amanda, Ashley, Jen (who I fortunately still see every work day), and Vanessa (unfortunately Liv was sick and couldn’t make it out). We don’t see each other often, so it was awesome to catch up with everyone. We heard about Amanda’s wedding, Ashley’s family, Jen’s boyfriend (they have the most romantic story about how they met online), and Vanessa’s latest travel plans (Norway and Greece). I shared about my new teaching job (which I just realized I haven’t even shared on my blog yet, I’ll do that tomorrow). I was quickly reminded as we were sitting around the booth how great our chemistry was when we all worked together. For a bunch of girls, we all got along really well and were, and still are, genuinely friends. When we all left, my southern accent envy was back with full force (Amanda and Ashley are from Tennessee).

Tonight I’m meeting with Crystal to talk about church stuff, including organizing a huge “clean-up” (Haggai Project as we’re calling it) as well as establishing a new “look and feel” to our little church on the corner. Actually, we just hired Ashley to help us with this project.

More next time…


Robert said...

For the record, I was an early "gel" user, and that pre-dates even you, babe. Once a child of the '80s always a sensitive, hair-conscious male, I'm afraid. Glad your hair day is going better than mine : )

WeezerMonkey said...

Popping in to say thanks for the add -- it's nice to make new e-friends! Congratulations on your recent wedding! :)

Laura Tucker said...

Sounds like a fun night out with the girls. But a 10:45 a.m. blog post? Looks like work is pretty boring now that you're not working with those fun ladies. Can't wait to hear more about the teaching tomorrow!

On the other note, I can attest that Rob was quite concerned with his hair and apparel as a teenager. He even taught me how to part my hair on the side. :)