i heart nutella

I would say we had a very relaxing weekend with some good friends and lots of chocolate. I’ve been very bored at work lately with not much going on, only the countdown to when I can celebrate my last day at Saatchi & Saatchi so I can move on to teaching! Today, the count is 29 remaining days! Yipiee! Friday evening Rob and I went for a short walk on the beach. We also ran up and down the stairs a bit, an activity I hope we’ll continue. Then we did what many “old married couples” do, he did some computer stuff and I read my book – yes, this was our Friday evening. Maybe next time this happens we can include some wine to make it seem a bit “romantic” considering we are still newlyweds. It was just what we both needed actually! Saturday evening, after some errands and the gym (we bumped into Mimi at the gym too, which was a nice surprise since I haven’t seen her for a while), we met Jolene and Gerric for dinner at La Creperie in Long Beach on 2nd Street. It was so awesome to see them! I read Jolene’s blog, but obviously it is much better to hear what’s been going on from her and Gerric directly. Rob and I had such a great time! It was so nice to laugh, catch up, and eat! Talk about a couple in love (and married for almost 2 years)! You can just see how much Gerric loves Jolene, and Jolene loves Gerric. While the highlight was actually hanging with them, I hate to say it, but I really really enjoyed my Nutella crepe (extra Nutella of course). I could have eaten 5 of them (guess I need to really start hitting the gym more seriously)!

Sunday, after church, a nap, some Somoa girl scout cookies, and installing our new dining room light fixture (a nod to Gabe & Mimi’s wedding location, it’s called The Parker Pendant), Pastor Tom came over for dinner. While they discussed a potential project that Rob might work on, I finished my book, Anybody Out There, by Marian Keyes. I seriously started it last Tuesday and finished it Sunday night – I couldn't put it down. I love every book that she writes. Most of her books are about people who are experiencing some difficulty, but always achieve some form of redemption in the end. Sounds really dramatic, but she also incorporates humor into the story.

That was our simple weekend! Pastor Tom asked me how my “blogging” was coming and then mentioned that he thinks the most successful blogs are daily blogs. Which makes sense; people are more likely to check blogs daily if they know they have been updated. I will attempt this for a trial period, not even really knowing if I have a blogging audience, other than my husband and Jolene (and maybe Gerric too). I can’t promise my daily blogs will be super exciting, but I can certainly scrounge up some stuff to share (short and sweet, right?). I need to start bringing our camera with me everywhere so I can post pictures, especially this week – I have something fun going on every night.

More later…I’ll have an update on my Make-A-Wish girl next time…

Our new dining room light fixture – I’m so excited we have a dining room light now!

Highly recommended!


Jolene said...

You are so cute!!! That's okay...I'm not offended one bit if you happened to enjoy your nutella crepe more than conversation with me. haha! Ours was pretty darn good too! I'll have to check that book out! I have a quite a few I need to read but I'll add that to my list! Love ya!!!

Laura Tucker said...

I loved hearing about your weekend Alyssa. Also, there's no shame in Nutella love--I confess I have a jar in my desk at school. :)