boys and their toys

It’s official…my husband has his new gadget, that I’ll sometimes refer to as his second love. I’m his first, which I had to make sure of last night as we drove home from Chatsworth (an hour drive for us) where he maybe spoke 10 words – he was very focused on his iPhone and learning all about it.

Friday afternoon we made it to an AT&T store in Long Beach on 2nd St. at 5pm where we waited in line for about 2 hours (they were really really slow) when we found out they were nearly sold out. Luckily we discovered that the Apple Store in South Coast Plaza still had a bunch available so we quickly drove there to check out the scene. We waited in line for maybe 10 minutes before we made it inside the store where the employees cheered as we walked in – it was pretty cool experience actually.

An AT&T employee hiding before the madness

Rob makes a friend while waiting in line...What do you think they were talking about?

Rob and Pastor Tom (Tom wanted in on the experience too)

Rob sealing the deal

I'm still proud of Rob's name appearing in the ads

Saturday morning was the first morning in a very long time where we actually had no plans. Rob eagerly sat at his computer to go about the installation process with his iPhone while I sat on the couch to watch an episode or two of the West Wing. Not a few minutes later a church member called and needed some help moving, so we got dressed to help. Not what our original plans were, but at least we were helpful. We only had a couple of hours to help before we had to get cleaned up for a wedding. A cousin of Rob’s was getting married at a community center in Long Beach. It was a really special event. The newlyweds are in their 60s, so it was a more casual wedding than I have ever attended, however the emotion was like any wedding I have ever attended. The groom had is grandson stand as his best man and the bride’s daughter was her matron of honor. They cut cake, shared a first dance and even tossed flowers and a garter, it was a great afternoon!

Orlando waiting for his bride

Karen was escorted down the aisle by her sons

Mr. and Mrs. Rivera

First dance

Cutting the cake

Taking off his bride's garter
My MIL and FIL (it was a country western wedding)
My FIL's first Krispy Kreme experience
The old newlyweds

Saturday evening Rob, Laura (my sister-in-law) and I went for a nice long walk near 2nd St. It was an exciting evening, Laura had her first Pinkberry experience and Rob was able to use Laura’s computer to set-up his iPhone…something about not having the correct operating system on our home computer would have prevented Rob from using his iPhone until we get a new computer. Whatever, I’m just thankful Laura had her Bernice (that’s her laptop’s name) so this new gadget can be used.

After church on Sunday was the annual Tucker BBQ in Chatsworth. Fortunately, we were able to rest for a little while before making the commute out to the valley. Who am I kidding, Rob didn’t rest…When we finally arrived to the BBQ, needless to say, it was scorching hot, but it was so great to see family that we haven’t seen since our wedding. The iPhone was obviously a huge hit, but we were able to share some wedding photos using it (the clarity of the screen is incredible). As usual, the evening concluded with some Tucker music…seriously, they are all musically talented; a modern day Von Trapp family really (except for me…I’m the non-musically talented outsider).

Terry, Mary-Elizabeth, Rob, Laura
Rob and Laura

Our weekend was so busy and when I woke up this morning I couldn’t believe it was a work day…I was so sad and felt so unrested. Fortunately, Rob’s last day is tomorrow and my last day is a short 8 1/2 days away. The light at the end of the tunnel is quickly approaching! Can’t wait to have some time off before school starts and Rob begins his new consulting gig…

Happy Monday – yeah, it’s a short week!!


Jolene said...

what a busy weekend! Modern Von Trapp family...I love it!!! Congratulate your hubby on his newest gadget. :) Sounds like that wedding was so much fun! Love ya both!

WeezerMonkey said...

You are so funny with your self-reference as "old newlyweds." :D

Robert said...

man, your husband sounds like a nerd ; )

Keely said...

I love the "Old Newlywed" photo of you guys - too cute! Congrats on the new gadget. My husband and I want one so bad!