san diego recap

Prayers work! Jolene's BIL had positive MRI results yesterday. We'll keep praying Leeney!

Monday –
After leaving about 30 minutes late (my fault), we made it to San Diego to have lunch at CPK with Holly, Isaac and baby Ezekiel. Could Ezekiel be any cuter?

Seriously, how precious is Ezekiel? The Deken family
Proud daddy
Happy mommy
Rob and Ezekiel

It was really nice catching up with Holly and Isaac. They are going to be such incredible parents to that little boy! It’s amazing to me that just 11 years ago, Holly and I graduated from high school…and now she’s a mommy! Time goes so fast! I’m so happy for her – she’s so proud of being a wife and a mom. I can’t wait to watch her in action as Ezekiel grows up and their family expands.

After lunch, Rob and I headed to the Bodies Exhibition. Wow, that was pretty cool! It was amazing to see the innards of how our bodies work. I’ve never been one for anatomy, but I really enjoyed this exhibit. It was definitely enhanced by the audio guide – I mostly listened to the kids version. I tried the adult one, but it got very technical and frankly, a bit boring. I just wanted the top-line to each display. Rob saw Body Worlds a couple years ago in Chicago and actually liked that version better. I guess Body Worlds 3 is coming to LA in a year, we definitely recommend checking it out.

A funny story: When Rob and I walked in to the exhibit, he recognized the greeter and turns out she was one of Rob’s high school girlfriends. While she was really nice and gave us a discount and also the audio guide for free, I felt a bit uncomfortable. Not jealous, more like I was being checked out, which always makes me feel self-conscious. I’m sure it was just me feeling that way, but needless to say, I was relieved when we left.

We spent the night at my dad’s and had dinner at a local Mexican restaurant down the street from his place. It was really nice to catch up with my dad and just relax with him.

Tuesday – We woke up very early to have breakfast with Laura and Jeff. I ate banana pancakes and they were good, but Egg’s Etc. in Long Beach has a fluffier recipe. It was such a gorgeous day in La Jolla.

I heart La Jolla
Jeff and Laura

After lunch we stopped by Laura and Jeff’s office at UCSD to get a sense of where they spend all their time. As we walked in their office, I instantly felt a bit dumb with all the smarty physics PhD candidates there. Once we walked out of the office and headed to the beach, I felt instantly smarter and less burdened.

"Vacation Rob" (us pale people need an umbrella)

After a couple hours at the beach in La Jolla we headed home to have dinner with our friends Crystal and Dick. Dick is the best BBQ’er ever! We watched some Styx, ate Golden Spoon and soaked in the jacuzzi. Their pool and jacuzzi makes me want a house!

Our next mini-vacation is Santa Barbara. We leave on Sunday and return on Wednesday. Rob starts his first consulting assignment on the 6th, so our time is quickly coming to an end, but I’m so thankful for the time we’ve had together!


Jolene said...

Thank you so much. You and Rob are the best! I love you both very much. I'm actually stuck at work late but I had to take a breather and decided to catch up on your blog! haha! I love it! I'm so jealous of your mini-vacation. Funny story about the ex though. Miss you! We need to go to that cupcake place!

Kay said...

Ezekiel is the cutest baby....awww

Keely said...

Ezekiel is adorable! :)
I get the same way when we run into Daniel's old girlfriends. I feel like they're sizing me up.

Nanette said...

That is one cute baby!!!