I woke up Saturday morning not knowing much about the Transformers, other than I didn’t have any interest in seeing the movie and I went to sleep Saturday evening looking forward to the next Transformers movie. Rob and I kicked-off our weekend with dinner at BJ’s with some friends that we haven’t seen in a long time, Terry and Jen. Those pizookie’s are incredible! After dinner, they came over to our condo for some wine and surprisingly, cards. The only reason it’s surprising is because Rob hates games, but I think we made him a switcher. We had a great time playing Uno and a game called “Thumper”.

Saturday, we hiked out to Valencia for Corbin’s 4th birthday party – Transformers theme of course. We’ve been to several kid parties over the last several weekends, but this is our last one for a while…used to be weddings that we went to all the time – guess that means we’re growing up. Corbin is the cutest little boy with such a great personality. I tried to capture highlights from the party, especially the piñata – that was hysterical, but also a little dangerous too with all the little kids not really knowing the harm a bat can cause. It was seriously a frenzy with all the parents shouting to keep the kids away from the flailing bat.

Corbin, the birthday boy, at bat

Little Sarah wanted in on the fun too...Chaos!Corbin was so proud that HIS hit opened the piñataSarah didn't have such luck with the piñata, but her thumb made it all betterThe happy boySarah's first Capri SunThe guys without kids...

After the party, we went to see Transformers. I actually really enjoyed the action and the effects. After waiting in line for an hour, I thought if anything, the movie would be a good time for a nap. I was immediately engaged and didn’t even want to leave for a quick bathroom run (I eventually had to though). I’m really glad I didn’t see License to Wed while Rob and the boys saw Transformers. At Rob’s request, I obliged and saw Transformers, so soon it will be Rob’s turn to see my movie pick…Rob actually used my line when I told him I would rather see License to Wed, “Honey, don’t you want to experience this movie with me?” I couldn’t believe he recycled my line! I’m glad I did though. After the movie, our bellies were empty so we went with Corbin’s mommy and daddy, also known as Susan and Griff, to BJ’s (again!).

The family (Susan, Griff, Corbin)

Griff likes to teach Corbin faux-gangster signs

The happy kidless couple

I had a serious dress malfunction during the eventful day which resulted in a quick shopping trip to Angl (I can’t find a website for this store, but it’s great and inexpensive). During the party, one of the straps on my sundress broke. Fortunately, there were lots of mommies with diaper bags and safety pins. While waiting in line for the movie, my other strap broke. This time though, I was out of luck with mommies…I was just with the daddies. I put on my jacket and buttoned it up, but was being poked by the adjustable piece during the movie. When we decided to grab dinner, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to purchase a replacement dress. While Rob, Griff and Susan waited for our seat, I ran to Angl and ended up with a cute dress! When Susan found out that I needed something to wear she said to Rob, “I could have brought Alyssa something to wear.” Rob replied, “You’re missing the point, Susan.” My husband knows me way to well…

Sunday after church we grabbed lunch with some friends and then rested for the entire afternoon. We met up with our pastor and another friend for dinner at Mimi’s Café. With all the junk I ate this weekend, I’m looking forward to hitting the gym tonight. I’m oddly happy it’s Monday…looking forward to Friday!


WeezerMonkey said...

Looks like you had a fun weekend, too! It's cool that your wardrobe malfunction actually yielded a new prize. :)

Jolene said...

wow, you and hubby had a busy weekend. FUN!