fro-yo madness and under the big top

Saturday - Rob and I went to the Orange County Flyers baseball game with friends from church. While the game was good (I think), I mostly enjoyed hanging with friends over hot dogs and peanuts. After the game, Band from TV played and we danced along to some oldies by goodies tunes. They were actually good and Bob Guiney, previously from The Bachelor, was really good! Even Hayden Panettiere made an appearance, which actually wasn’t that good. But it was fun to say we saw them and for a good cause too – the concert benefited several charities including Save the Children and the Guitar Center Music Foundation. All this was great and all, but the highlight of the evening was definitely my first experience at Yogurtland! Oh my gosh, it was so delicious! I’d go as far to say that it was better and creamier than Golden Spoon…Yikes! I went a bit crazy with all the options and ended up with chocolate, peanut butter and cookies-n-cream yogurt flavors with cocoa puffs and strawberries on top. I thought it was yummy but Rob thought it was a bit of a fro-yo explosion. He went for the less is more theory and had chocolate mint and vanilla yogurt with cocoa puffs, cookie dough and mochi on top - a bit of a topping explosion if you ask me. I can’t wait to go back – it’s definitely worth the drive!

Davis, Tammy, me, Rob, Crystal, Dick
Going crazy in Yogurtland
Yogurtland's end result

Sunday - Last night we went with our good friends Kristi and Brent to see “The Greatest Show on Earth”, the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. Kristi had free tickets through work, which is why we went. It was a fun and random night at the circus! Before venturing over to the “Big Top”, or rather, Staples Center, we ate at Engine No. 28, a beautifully restored firehouse. I haven’t been to the circus in years and years and while it was fun, I prefer Cirque du Soleil. I have a feeling we’ll have to go back once we have kids. At least it’s much cheaper than Cirque du Soleil. I mostly felt terrible for the tigers and the little [ugly] poodles. The carmel apple made it all better though.

Me, Kristi, Brent in downtown LA

At the circus

The poor tigers...

The poor elephants...

My favorite circus act!

In about an hour, we’ll be off to San Diego to visit some friends and family and walk around BODIES…The Exhibition in La Jolla. I’m really excited!


Jolene said...

I KNEW you would love Yogurtland! I LOVE the picture of you there...haha!!! we'll have to meet up there for sure sometime. I've been to the Engine restaurant for lunch a couple times...it's pretty cool. I liked it there. I'm incredibly jealous of your vacation but well deserved. I can't wait to hear all about San Diego.

Mrs. D said...

Ah, I feel sorry for the animals too. Hopefully they are nice to them though.

Yogurtland looks so awesome! That's cool that you can fix your own.