10 reasons why vacations are the best...

1. I'm not front of a computer all day (downside: I don't read my favorite blogs daily)

2. Rob was able to lead a couple of worship songs during Vacation Bible School

3. We can stay out really late (like 3am) on a Wednesday and go to Korea Town (or K-Town like the regulars call it) and go to a karaoke bar with our own private room. An unusual event because Rob absolutely hates karaoke. We only went because it was Rob's good friend and former boss Mike's farewell party.

Rob and Paul singing "Daydream Believer"

Rob caught me in mid-dancing action "Bye, Bye, Bye"

5. We can sleep in until 10am and still take a nap during the day

6. We can enjoy long workouts at the gym

7. I can stay up late to watch the rebroadcast of Victoria Beckham Coming to America. I kinda like her now. She's funny - not at all what I thought she'd be like. I also LOVE her hair - I wonder if only she can pull off the slick on one side and kinda messy on the other side look...

8. I bought 3 new books that I can't wait to read: Madeline Wickham's The Gatecrasher, Mia King's Good Things and Morag Prunty's Recipes for a Perfect Marriage

9. We can go to the beach on a Friday afternoon

10. We can go on mini getaways during the week (San Diego this week and Santa Barbara the following week)

Week 1 of my vacation is over...3 more weeks to go before reality kicks back in and new teacher trainings begin. Tonight we are going to a baseball game, the Orange County Flyers, with friends from church to celebrate Pastor Tom's birthday. His son is the bat boy - it should be a fun game! On Monday and Tuesday we are heading down to San Diego to visit some friends and family. Looking forward to visiting my old stomping ground...

Until next time...


WeezerMonkey said...

The only way to sing "Bye Bye Bye" is to sing it with the trademark dance!

Laura Tucker said...

Ooh--boy band karoke. Wish I'd seen that one!

Hooray for San Diego!