weekend in rewind

I've been a bad, bad blogger! It's been over week and I haven't updated my blog or checked my favorite blogs. I can't wait to get caught up on what's been happening with everyone! Here's a quick recap of our weekend.

Friday: We bought a giant pumpkin to carve a fancy, giant 'T' and opened up a bottle of wine for the job. We were both excited for our first pumpkin carving experience together. It made us really feel like a little family. Here's the end result:
My scary "carver" husband
Digging for seeds and guts
The "T"

Sadly, with the horrible heat, wind, and ash, our first family carved pumpkin now looks like this:

On Monday...

Saturday: Rob's Aunt Sarah turned 75 and we celebrated her big day with a birthday lunch at Claim Jumper. It was great to catch up with everyone and enjoy some good comfort food.

Happy 75th Sarah! Everyone

Saturday evening we met Rob's former boss at Tracht's, a delicious new restaurant in the downtown Long Beach Renaissance Hotel. The food was superb and the service was great too, contrary to some reviews we read. I loved the filet mignon and Rob loved the purple yams. The cocktails were refreshing too. Overall, we highly recommend for a special occasion. With Pink Berry located just around the corner, our evening concluded with the perfect dessert.

Sunday: After church, I made my way to Huntington Beach for Julie's baby shower while Rob braved the Anaheim winds to attend a festive Oktoberfest event. I've know Julie for nearly 17 years. She and my brother used to date a long time ago and we remained friends after they parted ways. Julie has seen me as a bratty middle schooler, a dorky high schooler, and a spastic college student. It's definitely absurd to think about how long we've known each other. I have one incredibly embarrassing memory and she was there to witness that moment and happily reminds me about it to this day - it's actually really funny (though I can't dare to write about it on my blog, but I'll share in person). Julie is expecting baby Nathan to arrive early November. I'm so excited for Julie and Rick! They are going to be wonderfully loving parents.

Julie with the baby shower party planners, Alexis and Kelly
Custom onesies were hung everywhere, this was my favorite
Rob had a great time at Oktoberfest too! He ate lots of German-type food and beverages. With the unruly wind and devastating fires, Rob came home with ashes on his face.

I hope everyone is safe during this crazy fire storm that California is experiencing.

Praying for firefighters, volunteers, and families affected by the tragic fires...


WeezerMonkey said...

It's so good to "see" you again! I'm such a dork that I miss people when they don't blog!

I am marveling at how big a difference just a few days made with your jack-o-lantern. Yuck is right!

emily said...

i beat you! we are slackers! either that's a really flattering pic of you or you're gettin' skinny! poor punkin :( y'all did a great job tho! c u tomorrow!

Kay said...

your poor pumpkin,,,and welcome back, we missed you!

Nanette said...

I missed you, too! Glad to hear you've been busy in a good way. :)

Laura Tucker said...

i love the onesie you posted, and your carving is splendid!

dapotato said...

you are the cutest seed scooper i've seen. poor pumpkin...i think all of us are feeling rather ashy as well.

amber said...

i was wondering where you were :)

that pumpkin was so pretty and all professional-looking... so sad that it's all gunked-up now :(

Keely said...

That pumpkin looked fabulous! Great idea! :) I'm also loving that onesie... except I think it should cost a buck - you know, to help pay for college. :)

Casey said...

I love the pumpkin. that is on my list of things to do, but i don't know if i will get it done in time!

R said...

Sad about your pumpkin. :( But happy you're back and that you had a great weekend. :)