surprise and delight

Before I recap our weekend, I’d like to thank you all for your e-love! When I came home from school (well, actually from getting a mani/pedi) on Friday, I had so many supportive messages about my school situation. I never thought that I would receive such kind support from friends I’ve never actually met! The Internet is seriously amazing!

Our entire weekend was a surprise and delight! We originally didn’t have any plans at all…just plans to hang around our place and work on homework (me) and work on computer stuff (Rob). Turns out we had a really exciting weekend!

Friday afternoon Rob suggested we see Across the Universe with our friends Jolene and Gerric. J & G are always super busy, so I was thrilled when Jolene ditched the laundry to hang out with us! Gerric and Rob and huge Beatles fans, and Rob really wanted to experience this movie with another Beatles lover. We all agreed that the first half of the movie was really good, the second half lagged, but overall the music was awesome. If you want to hear 30-something Beatles songs in one movie, then you should definitely see this movie.

Saturday, while Rob worked on some church business with Pastor Tom, I worked on some homework for the class I’m taking at CSULB. That evening, we were planning on working out, eating in and renting a movie, but Rob got a call from his friend Brian saying he had baby duty all weekend, so we invited Brian and baby Maggie to join us for dinner at our place. I made a delicious chicken dinner from a Weight Watchers cookbook Mimi let me borrow. My baby fever (really, “our” baby fever, but Rob won’t admit it) was plentifully satisfied as Brian let me feed Maggie and give her a bottle. She is the sweetest baby and Rob and I predict that she’s going to be super smart. She has a very wise face for a 10-month old and quietly takes everything in around her. Even Rob fed her for a little while, but we both enjoyed giving Maggie back to her daddy when she started crying. Brian had to get Maggie home for bed by 7pm and Rob and I were wiped when they left! We were asleep by 9pm…really, the perfect Saturday evening for this ol' married couple!

Meet Maggie!
"Can't a girl eat without the Paparazzi showing up?"

Sunday was a day filled with “The Happiest Place on Earth”! Our friend Susan works at Disney and had a couple of extra Disneyland tickets waiting just for us! Susan and Griff asked us the other day if we were free to go with them on Sunday. We have never been to Disneyland with a child before, so we were really excited to experience Disneyland through Corbin’s eyes. We had a blast going on some of Corbin’s favorite rides…Buzz Lightyear, Autopia, Tiki Room and some of the adult’s favorite rides…Alice in Wonderland, Pirate’s of the Caribbean and of course, “It’s a Small World”. After dinner at an Italian restaurant in California Adventure, Rob and I hit up the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Wow, that ride was awesome! The Halloween decorations around Disneyland were really cute and festive, but I loved California Adventure’s Halloween décor – it was candy corn themed! Thank you Griff & Susan for sharing your Disneyland tickets with us! We really enjoyed spending the day with you guys!

Corbin and I on Autopia
Corbin patiently waiting for his Dole Whip
Griff and Susan had a break from Corbin as he rode with us most of the time on the rides
The Lauerman Family
Corbin among the candy corn vines

We arrived home just in time for me to be too tired to do any homework. I had to wake up super early in order to finish cramming for my test (turns out I was over-prepared after taking the test tonight). My day at school went well, the kids were good and I’m ready for Back-to-School Night tomorrow evening. I did find out on Friday the fate of my teaching location, well almost found out…I’ll be at the school I’m at now 50% of the time and soon I’ll find out where I’ll spend the other 50%. Definitely not an ideal scenario…this means managing 2 classrooms - and I’m new! Hard to believe that the school district would see value in placing a new teacher (or any teacher for that matter) in this position, but frankly, I’m done trying to figure out what the district wants anymore. All I can do is manage my expectations and keep learning with a positive attitude.


WeezerMonkey said...

I'm dying to see Across the Universe! So glad to hear it was good. :)

amber said...

i love weekends that are filled with unexpected fun stuff. so jealous you guys were at disneyland --- glad you had a great time!

Kay said...

baby fever, whoop whoop hehe
maggie is soo cute, i'm glad you guys had a fun weekend...no yogurt though?

Jolene said...

I love that you wore a Minnie Mouse Tee (or was that Mickey?) to Disneyland. :) I've been wanting to go for months. I miss that place. Maggie is adorable!!! Love her cheeks! aww, baby fever. :)

R said...

Sounds like a busy weekend filled with fun stuff. I like those kinds. :)

Nanette said...

Such a cutie!!!