a new meme

R, the fabulous author of Married Not Buried, tagged me for a new kind of meme. Here goes it...

Four Jobs I've Had In My Life
1. Top of the Bagel - a local bagel shop in Solana Beach, and my first job
2. Gap Kids - a job where I spent more than I actually made
3. Mattel - the coolest internship ever, despite the OTT (over-the-top) corporate environment
4. Saatchi & Saatchi - my first "real" job after college (and I place I often return to when I'm not teaching)

Four Movies I Can Watch Over And Over
1. Clueless
2. Legally Blonde 1 & 2
3. Just Like Heaven
4. Truth or Dare (Madonna's early 90s concert tour documentary)

Four TV Shows I Like To Watch

1. Orpah
2. America's Next Top Model
3. Project Runway
4. Friends
**this question is hard because there are too many TV shows I enjoy**

Four Places I Have Vacationed

1. New York
2. Cancun
3. London
4. Paris

Four Of My Favorite Dishes (I wasn't sure if this implied dishes I make, which would be a joke - I wouldn't be able to come up with 4, so these are 4 of my favorite foods)
1. Chicken Parmesan
2. Sushi
3. Golden Spoon (any fro-yo really)
4. Bean & Cheese Burrito

Four Places I'd Rather Be
1. Hawaii
2. Some amazing island, like Fiji or Bora Bora
3. New York (my absolute favorite city)
4. Italy

Four Websites I Visit Daily
1. People.com
2. Trent.blogspot.com
3. The blogs I've listed on my "Daily Reads"
4. Cnn.com

Four Bloggers I'm Tagging
1. Jolene, writes about this "Crazy-Little-Thing-Called-Life". She's the one who also introduced me to the insanely addicting world of blogging!
2. Amber, a fellow pink obsessed blogger. We both think we were actually separated at birth because of all our similarities.
3. Mimi, my wonderful SIL, who writes about ENJOYING : {Life}
4. Kay, a fairly new loyal reader who always responds to my posts with very thoughtful words of support.

Happy meme'ing ladies!


R said...

Loved reading your meme! Thanks for playing along. :)

Keely said...

I love meme's. :) We're having Golden Spoon this weekend (in San Diego) - will think of you.

Kay said...

your the second person to tag me, so i guess i it now.

you worked for mattel!!!! that is so cool, seriously that would be my dream company to work for, i actually had an interview once, but did not get the job =(, i like the half day fridays and onsite daycare, you know for the future kiddies

emily said...

we went to GS last nite...i got a waffle cone so as to follow your "green" lead...to my surprise, i realized there were 2 cones, so i saved my leftovers, refilled my 2nd cone, and enjoyed that today! gotta love it! miss you!