Jessica recently made a gratitude list that I loved.

At this moment, I'm thankful for:

husband : laughter : snuggling
emily & joe's fertility doctor : baby-making dreams
girlfriends : unconditional support
our church : prayer
cherry tomatoes : salt & pepper
our condo : our jobs
keekee : warmth
ipod : music
school : education : safe
pink : brown
brain : creativity : thoughts
pretty paper : scrapbooking : photos
white comforter : sweet dreams

What are you thankful for?


amber said...

thanks for the warm-fuzzies this gave me. :)

Jolene said...

This put a smile on my face. Love it.

Keely said...

I like. :) Will do mine tomorrow.

Nanette said...


emily said...

i like it too...will follow in your footsteps :) thanks for hanging out today!

Kay said...

this is great!! save it for thanksgiving as well =)