budget glamour

I was reading Oprah's September issue at 3am (yes, I woke up with some back-to-school anxiety at 3am) and I happily read an article about Vera Wang's new line for Kohl's. Simply Vera Wang hits stores on September 9th! Apparel, accessories, shoes, jewelry, intimates, sleepwear, home, oh my! I have always preferred Target over Kohl's, but I'll be at a the nearest Kohls' on Sunday, September 9th!

Happy shopping!


emily said...

all i have to say is...am i invited?

amber said...

um, that stuff is really cute! i'm not usually a kohl's shopper either... but i think i might have to become one!

Jessica said...

This is amazing and exciting! Vera Wang that normal people can afford!? Great news! Happy back to school. Cute new haircut!