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I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Rob and I had a great weekend, even productive actually! The highlights: finally agreeing on where to place our new kitchen cabinet knobs (thank you, Crystal, for being "Switzerland"), hanging the framed paper I made last week, dinner with Brent and Kristi (they prepared Kung Pao chicken for us, it was delicious), watching a Flight of the Conchords episode (this show is hysterical!), 2 good workouts and some more wedding picture perusal (oy...I'm kinda getting sick of looking at us). On Friday I also caught up with Mimi. We grabbed a bite to eat and then hit up Loehmann's, Banana Republic and Gap. We both ended up with the basic black pant, but we saw lots of other cute things - can't wait for the sales in a few weeks!

I've been listening to the India Arie album lately and I'm so inspired by one of her songs...There's Hope...it's beautiful and every time I hear it I get chills and am reminded to thank God for all the blessings in my life.

Another fun song that oddly inspires me, perhaps because of the high energy, is a song from Legally Blond: The Musical (Legally Blonde is definitely my favorite movie).

I must find a way to get to New York to see this musical!

Finally, a couple wedding photos to share.

The excited bride

The nervous groom

Side note: I actually don't think Rob was that nervous (that's what he tells me anyhow), it was chilly...but it's a funny quintessential groom shot.

This entire week is "New Teacher Institute". I am mostly looking forward to it...but also know that the end of summer vacation is quickly approaching. But when I listen to "There's Hope," I'm eager to get back in the classroom!

Happy Monday!


emily said...

have fun at NTI this week! so what was crystal's decision that won out over mine?? c u soon!
p.s. i love that india song too!

Nanette said...

FOTC was especially hilarious this week!

R said...

I still have not seen FOTC. I need to get on it even though there are only two or three more episodes left this season.

Laura Tucker said...

I love the picture of you, Alyssa. In the one of Rob, it looks to me like he has two heads! :)

Jolene said...


amber said...

love the wedding pics. too cute! and really, only basic black pants? they have so much cute stuff out right now! i think you should just make another trip out there ;-)

amber said...

i just looked at your reading list and it's like we share a brain. ha! i've got "is anybody out there" in paperback to bring on our vacay next month. love love love marian keyes, jane green and jennifer weiner.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alyssa! Nanette told me that you read her blog and saw the photo of me. Small world!
I read through some of your posts and they are great. Your wedding photos are beautiful, congrats! Hope all is well.

Lisa said...

Love the wedding photos. :) You look so happy.