green, clear, guiltless

I LOVE frozen yogurt, particularly Golden Spoon. Recently, I was enjoying a waffle cone filled with the delicious creaminess of old fashion vanilla and just chocolate when my girlfriend Melanie mentioned that, by getting a waffle cone, I was being "green." I giggled at her comment until I realized in the end I was! All I had left was the napkin wrapped around my cone while she had a cup, a spoon and a napkin remaining! While I'm certainly working on other ways to live a "greener" life, I found one way that actually complements my life. Another reason I love frozen yogurt - it evidently clears acne! I knew it strengthened immunity, bones, teeth, etc., but I had no idea of the clearing skin benefit. Though I've never suffered from sever acne, I do get hit with the occasional chin or forehead zit. All this time when I thought I was over-indulging in daily GS runs, I was actually getting more health benefits than I anticipated.

Green, clear, guiltless, what more would you want in a snack?

Happy weekend!

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R said...

I want to lick the computer screen. I love ice cream and all of it's spin offs. :)

The Orchard Christian Church said...

Hi Alyssa (and Rob)-
Congratulations on your wedding!
I got married when I was 31, as a baby Christian living in San Francisco, and 13 years later we're still going strong. Now we live up the 605 from you, in north Montebello. We are starting a new church there. (We both have M.A.'s in Education)

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best regards,
Matthew & Kumi Perri

WeezerMonkey said...

This is the best justification for getting a waffle cone ever.

Jolene said...

you're a dork! Gerric and I had YogurtLand yesterday...it was pure and simple perfection. I share in the love for frozen yogurt with you. :)

amber said...

golden spoon is so freaking tasty. i'm just bummed that the closest location to us is in torrance. booo!