feelin' hot, hot, hot

Wow...today was ridiculously hot and it had to be an all-time high in the LBC! Just after 1pm it was 104 degrees! This weekend was pretty much spent in our air conditioned condo, however we did get out for a few fun events:

Friday: I spent a couple hours finishing up my classroom in the morning (I'll have some pictures to share soon) and then headed to South Coast Plaza for some shopping with Emily. After realizing my pants shrunk last week {um, that theory makes me feel better}, I needed some bottoms - skirts or pants. I ended up with a skirt and a dress from H&M, pants and a couple tops from Gap and a skirt from Old Navy.
My "1st day of school" outfit - also the school uniform (khaki and white)

We aren't supposed to wear jeans to school, so I need lots of denim skirts
A few of my wants from Gap (waiting for them to go on sale)...

Rob was still recovering from being sick, so we took it easy and hit up Pink Berry for dinner - the perfect way to end an evening, if you ask me.

Saturday: We both had hair appointments Saturday morning. Rob ended up with a very short hair cut, shorter than I've ever seen it, and I love it on him. I ended up with this:

Saturday evening I ended up not feeling well, and with school starting this week, I wanted to take it easy. We hung out at home where I watched America's Next Top Model reruns and Rob did some work. Later in the evening we watched the special features section of Freedom Writers (an incredible movie).

Sunday: After church, surprise, surprise, we needed a nap. We had plans to have dinner with Rob's former boss, but unfortunately he needed to cancel. After all of our naps, we were raring to get out of the house! Thankfully, our friends Crystal and Dick were up for dinner and a movie. We ate at La Parolaccia, a truly authentic Italian restaurant and then saw Superbad, a freakin' rad movie. I thought it was really funny, although not as funny as Knocked Up.

Monday: We woke up early and headed to Maxwell's Cafe in Culver City to have breakfast with one of Rob's oldest friends, Aaron and his girlfriend Jessica. They lost touch a while back and recently reconnected on LinkedIn (isn't the Internet amazing?). It was really fun to meet Aaron and Jessica. Beyond Rob and Aaron knowing each since preschool, we all had a lot in common. I hope we can stay connected this time around.

After breakfast, we went to 3rd St. to look for some sunglasses (mine are all scratched up). I usually get my sunglasses at Target, but I haven't had much luck there lately. I'm hoping to find a cute pair of Paul Frank sunglasses. Unfortunately, we headed home empty handed. We ended our relaxing weekend with a walk/run along the beach. Rob and I had such a great weekend together! I usually always feel lucky to be Rob's wife, but tonight I was feeling especially blessed! Despite feeling under the weather, we laughed a lot and snuggled a lot over the last few days - two of my most favorite things!

Tonight is {almost} a school night. We have a staff meeting tomorrow and the kids return on Wednesday. I've been working hard in my classroom and I'm really excited to meet my students on Wednesday.

Off to bed now (my third favorite thing)...


Keely said...

Cute hair! :)

WeezerMonkey said...

You got a new 'do, too! Cute! And I love the new clothes. You are such the stylin' teacher. :)

Jolene said...

sounds like the perfect weekend! I can't wait to hear all about your teaching extravaganza's!

Kay said...

cute cut!!
i hate the heat, but then a few more months i'll be saying its so cold and i hate rain =)

dapotato said...

hot in the lbc is right! i'm adding your restaurant recs to our list.

blessings for the new school year!

R said...

I like the new 'do and the cute threads. Good luck on the first day of school tomorrow!

Nanette said...

I agree - cute do and threads!

I'll have to try Maxwell's. I don't live far from there.

amber said...

cute hair! cute clothes too!