friday fill-in

Sarah, Kidultery's author, did a fun Friday Fill-In that I thought I'd mimic:

1. Once, I was REALLY into Britney Spears. Now, I just feel really sad for her.
2. Today at work I played math games with my students.
3. What are The Jonas Brothers all about (I agree with Sarah)? Maybe Wan can fill us in after she attends their concert this weekend?
5. If I make a mistake I tend to get pretty disappointed with myself.
6. When I woke up this morning, I thought I couldn't get any less motivated to get out of bed. But then I remembered that Rob would be home when I got home, so I wanted the day to fly by!
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to running at the beach and catching a double-feature (Cloverfield - HIS, 27 Dresses- HERS) with Rob and Laura's BF, Jeff who is in Long Beach for a physics conference and Sunday, I want to get lots of scrapbooking done with Susan while Rob, Griff, and Corbin watch the commercials, er I mean, the Superbowl.

Happy Friday! I'm so happy it's the weekend!


Kay said...

britney=sad and causing tax payers crazy money (well the paps are)
jonas bros=hansen all over again, and you know they aren't around anymore

have a great weekend!!!

Lo said...

Hanson is still around in my heart, but I don't imagine there will be a place in there for the Jonas Brothers.

R said...

Oooh, I hope the scrapbooking went well yesterday. :)

Jonas Bros.--I don't know. I'm not a pre-teen so I'm sure I'm out of the cool circle on that one.

Britney = sad. I agree.