Okay, I need to clarify my "dude" comment from yesterday...I guess I sounded a bit square.

I will probably be right there along with many of you and occasionally call my child "dude". However, I doubt that I'll be calling him/her "dude" when disciplining action is necessary. From the many parent/teacher/student meetings I've attended, the really jacked-up parents tend to call their child "dude" during moments when the parent should actually be parenting. The result: no change in behaviors. This is why, from my experience working with parents and students, "dude" will be a playful name while my child's actual name will be used during those precious moments of actually needing to parent my child.


wan-nabe said...

hmmm. i actually call the kid "dude" quite a lot. i wonder if i've ever used it while lecturing about stuff like a bad grade or something important like that. crap.

R said...

Thanks for the clarification, dude. ;)