rockwood communications counsel

Meet Crystal...

Social Engineering, according to Wikipedia, is an attempt to influence popular behavior.

If I know anyone who can influence popular behavior, it's Crystal Rockwood. Crystal recently took a giant leap of faith and created Rockwood Communications Counsel, a boutique firm specializing in social engineering counsel. When stakes are high and consensus needs to be quickly built, RCC can save the day. When dealing with diverse people in foreign situations, RCC can create peace. While Crystal counsels businesses and individuals seeking a better profile, she also provides public relations insight, marketing and communications strategies, coaching for press interviews, and guidance in managing reputations.

If you or your company needs some social engineering counsel, Crystal can seriously make things happen! She's small, but fierce. She's all business, but full of heart.

Crystal, you and Dick were quiet visitors at EPC for a long time. Thankfully, it was in your heart to make changes and get some things done around our little church on the corner. I learn from you with each conversation, quick or lengthy. I'm blessed to call you a friend and I can't wait to see what excitement and challenges are in store for you with your new adventure! As always, I'm happy to help.


Laura Tucker said...

I love the green dresses!

Jolene said...

great picture! Good luck to Crystal! Although it doesn't sound like she needs it!

R said...

Starting your own gig is great! Good luck to your pal. :)