i'm gonna party like it's my birthday

Today is my 30th birthday! To honor this landmark day, I thought it would be fun to create a list of 30 things that make me unique. So here goes it:

1. I have red hair (according to my brother and Mimi, by the year 2100, none of us will be left)
2. I snuggle with my husband and KeeKee, my baby blanket, every night (Rob HATES the blanket part)
3. I'm obsessed with all things pink
4. When our condo isn't clean I feel panicked and have to clean it immediately
5. If I could eat Golden Spoon for every meal I definitely would
6. I love paper
7. I make up songs that have a corresponding dance (Rob's usual response: "They broke the mold when they made you.")
8. I'm a compulsive list maker
9. Despite absolutely hating Perez Hilton, I check his website multiple times a day for celeb updates
10. I believe everything has a "place"
11. I often get tears in my eyes when I listen to Rob sing at church
12. I love making other people happy
13. My least favorite household task is putting the dishes away
14. I daydream about the day when we can get rid of our furniture (I keep a folder of ideas for inspiration when the happy day comes)
15. I'm impulsive (sometimes)
16. I love naps
17. I'm resourceful
18. I'm optimistic
19. I've been known to whine when I don't get what I want
20. I like to play guessing games when a surprise is coming (usually it's, "what's the first letter" game)
21. I love being a mentor to Natalie (who is now at senior in high school...yikes!)
22. I'm sensitive
23. Oprah inspires me
24. My fingernails are always short (I hate when dirt gets under them)
25. I love sitting on the couch after a good housecleaning and admiring the cleanliness and appreciating the hard work that went into the cleaning
26. I have a hard time keeping surprises a secret (I can, it's just really hard for me)
27. I love love love flats, skirts and polka dots
28. I look at my engagement ring and wedding bands multiple times each day and smile (not because of the rings, but because of what they mean)
29. I can't wait to cut my hair short and spiky again one day (I tell Rob when we have a baby I'm going back to short and spiky)

and finally

30. I have a wonderful husband that appreciates my silliness, sensitiveness, analness and optimism (most of the time anyhow)

I'm really happy to be 30 and look forward to this next decade of my life. In my 30s I'm excited to explore new places with Rob, start a little family of our own, become a great teacher and continue to experience all the wonderful joys in my life that make me happy today. Cheers to turning 30!


Jolene said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALYSSA!!! The last part of your post made me teary-eyed. I'm such a cry-baby!!! I love you very much. Cheers to turning 30 my friend!

Kay said...

happy birthday!!! 30 should be fun, but eh i will patiently for mine turn to come =D

Number 8 is me too =)

Nanette said...

Weeeeeee! Happy birthday! That's a great list, too!

Casey said...

oh my goodness--I SLEEP WITH MY BABY BLANKET TOO!!! my grandma made me 2 when i was born, and i sleep with both--well, funny thing is, my husband now covers up with one, and me the other. he doesn't want that to get out though. :) happy birthday.

Mrs. D said...

Happy belated birthday!

R said...

Happy birthday!!!! I hope you had a fantastic day.

WeezerMonkey said...

Happy birthday! 1977 produced a lot of great people. :)

dapotato said...

happy birthday! i can definitely relate to some items on your cool list.

emily said...

happy birthday my friend! ok, so i sleep with my baby blanket too. and i'll save the comment about your husband liking your analness....love ya, it's going to be a great decade!!

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday, Alyssa! I can't wait 'til I turn 30; you make it sound so glam! So sorry to hear the disappointing news at work. Hang in there...God knows what he's doing! True confession...I love admiring a clean house too. Isn't it the most satisfying feeling in the world!?

Keely said...

I'M SORRY I'M LATE.... hope your birthday was grand! :)

amber said...

happy belated birthday!!! :)

this list totally made me smile. i still say we were separated at birth (no really) and i love that you have such a good outlook on life. hope this year brings much more love and happiness your way!