I discovered this necklace on one of my new favorite blogs this morning, Elizabeth Kartchner's Just Us...

I was day dreaming about it all day! Hot yoga was a challenge this afternoon! Every time I closed my eyes and tried to focus, my thoughts went to colorful flowers and pink tulle hanging around my neck.

And then my necklace dreams were invaded by this amazing headband...

These lovely whimsy items can be purchased on Etsy from Miss Ruby Sue. She creates romantic vintage curiosities that are all literally to die for!

I'm in accessory love right now!


amber said...

i can't think of anyone better than you to pull off that necklace and make it sing!

emily said...

wow...i'm speechless :)

wan-nabe said...


debevans said...

I like those but just don't think I could pull it off to wear them :(

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