up, up, and away

Here's a pictorial update of our quick trip to Santa Barbara for lunch with friends, Gino and Rebecca last weekend. Gino is a pilot and offered to fly us to Santa Barbara in exchange for some lunch...Sounded good, albeit scary, but we totally trusted Gino.

Walking to the plane at the Santa Monica Airport

Rebecca, the co-pilot pro
Nervous - well I more than Rob, he was being silly
Praying for a safe takeoff
In the air and happy
The confident co-pilot, she's done this a thousand times!
The confident pilot
Beautiful, somewhere over LA
On solid ground in Santa Barbara, walking to Beachside Cafe
The nervous co-pilot on the way back home {being silly with jazz hands}
The excited co-pilot helping takeoff
Somewhere over Santa Barbara
The backseat passengers
Preparing to land
Safe and smooth landing!
Back on solid ground again!
Last Saturday was a pretty awesome day! It was crazy to think that we left Santa Monica around 1pm and returned at about 6pm. Not a bad mode of transportation! I can't wait for next time {I won't be a nervous flyer next time, either}.


Winnie said...

WOW! What an amazing experience! I'm so jealous.

Sarah said...

How cool!! I hate planes but even I think that looks fun.

wan-nabe said...

look at you, balla!

Loving my kids said...

That is so neat! Sounds so fun!

emily said...

fun! you were chicken even after your helicopter experience in hawaii?! you're a big girl now! :)

Emma Arevalo said...

Hey Alyssa! Just found your blog of course through Jolene's! That was pretty brave of you to fly to Santa Barbara. I am so afraid of flying there is no way I would of gotten on a little plane like that!

Hope to see you soon at one of Jolene's shin digs...