meet anderson

Thursday, March 19th @ 4:47pm, Anderson Jay Palmer was born. Seriously, he's perfect!

Congratulations, Gabe & Mimi! You'll be wonderful parents to this little guy and I can't wait to spoil my new nephew like crazy!

More on Anderson and his arrival soon {although I said that about DC, too. But I do have several drafts started}...


Winnie said...

Awww what a cute little baby :) Congrats! I'm still waiting to hear about your DC trip, hint hint.

Allison said...

Alyssa he is so cute! I wish i lived closer to you and Gabe so little cousins could meet.Congrats on being an Aunt...I love being one to.

wan-nabe said...


congratulations to anderson and his proud parents. and, of course, to his aunty :)

Keely said...

What a precious little boy! Congrats, auntie! :)

amber said...

What a little cutie!

Kay said...

i love that name, he is sooo precious

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