Ok, so my last blog update was a bit "Debbie Downer". To compensate, here are a few of my favorite new things that bring me lots of joy, smiles, and comfort.

I bought these BCBGirls shoes last week and I absolutely LOVE them! Each time I wear them I receive lots of compliments - that's enough to make a girl feel good, but the red floppy bow brings a smile to my face each time I look down at my feet.

I received a Gap gift card for Christmas and I bought several different colors and patterns of these these long-sleeved layering T's. They are so comfy! I wear them dressed down with jeans and converse and dressed up with slacks and heels.

My dad {or Santa} coughed up a hefty junk of change to purchase the Zeno Acne Clearing Device for me. The reviews I read completely sold me, but when I initially started using it, I wasn't sold. After a few more uses, I'm totally sold and LOVE it! I'm kind of addicted and use it more than I probably should, but so far, my skin has been clear. Yeah! Thank you Proactiv and Zeno!

And finally, Jack Johnson's latest album will be released on 2.5.08 - I'm so excited! I pre-ordered the album on iTunes last month and was able to download "If I Had Eyes". I absolutely already love it! I can't wait for the album to be released in a few weeks. This hopefully means he'll be on tour soon too!!

Off to enjoy a steak dinner, a glass of wine, and my wonderful hubby before the hectic week begins...


Nanette said...

Those shoes are super cute! And I'm thinking I may need one of those Zenos.

dapotato said...

yay for new jack johnson! i can't wait.

R said...

I've never heard of Zeno, but I'm glad you love it. :)

This reminds me that I want to buy the albums already out and listen to them. I've only heard a song or two on the radio and I feel like I'm missing out.

amber said...

1. those shoes are super cute! bows make everything better imo.
2. i LOVE gap t-shirts. are those the cotton/modal blend by chance? if so, they are just silly comfy and supre cute.
3. i finally imported a bunch of music to my ipod this weekend and jack johnson was one of the artists that finally made it on. he is great and i'm excited for the new album. yay!

Mrs. Cly said...

i love those shoes! i have the exact pair in black. i think red would have been more fun... to bad i needed black shoes at that time

wan-nabe said...

you're the first person i've ever known who got the zeno. i thought it was a pretty cool little thing, too!

the kid LOVES jack johnson. so does the hub. if he goes on tour, we may very well be buying tickets!

i dig the shoes and the tees, too :)