introducing...my juku

I'd love to officially introduce, my juku. Emily and I are legitimate business partners! This tutoring business has been in the works since last summer and we finally lit that little fire under our behinds and did it!

Before I go into the details of what my juku is, I'll explain what my juku means.

Juku, pronounced "joo-koo", comes from Japan circa 1980. In addition to attending regular school, Japanese students often attend a private after school program or "cram school" known as Juku.

my juku is:
- small group learning focused on providing students with tools they need in order to succeed in school
- "cram sessions" for test preparation
- reinforcing standards-based classroom learning for academic enrichment
- cultivating the value of goal-setting and intrinsic motivation

I believe what sets my juku apart from other tutoring businesses, aside from the fact that Emily and I are involved, is our focus on not simply academic achievement but also personal enrichment.

Ashley Gass, a friend and fabulous designer, created our logo, flyer, and business cards. We absolutely adore everything she created!

If you visit our website, you'll see that it is very simple {thank you, Joe & Emily for building it}, however our goal over our summer vacation is to attend some website development juku sessions of our own to make it a bit fancier.

If you know of any tweens in the Long Beach area that would benefit from some juku'ing, please send them our way!


WeezerMonkey said...

I love the look of the site!

I used to teach SAT prep and AP [insert multiple subjects here] prep at a Chinese-run juku place.

It's a great idea to bring this to "mainstream" (i.e., not crazy, aggressive, strict Chinese parents) America. ;)

If I ever stop practicing law, I'm knocking at your door!

wan-nabe said...

that is an adorable logo, and a great business name!

how i wish we were closer to you. the teen could use some juku'ing for sure.

i hope it's so successful that you end up expanding. and i vote for glendora as the next location. ;)

emily said...

i'll just say...yay us! have fun on thursday...i'm getting nervous about my weeks :)

dapotato said...

love the website, branding, and definitely the colors, of course.

good luck on your new venture!

amber said...

how exciting!! :D

a big congrats to you guys and good luck with everything. i know it'll be great!

Sarah said...

I love the logo!!! It's a fabulous idea. I'm sure it will take off. Congratulations!

Jolene said...

congrats again! Wishing you many years of success with your new business! xoxo

That Girl said...

What a great idea! Sending lots of good vibes your way for success.

Nanette said...

Yes, congrats again! I'm so proud to be able to say "I knew her when..."


Kay said...

congrats alyssa, i'm so happy for you and wish you the best of luck on this project =D

R said...

Good luck to you both!

Winnie said...

Love the logo and branding! Good luck!