congratulations, epc youth!

In March, the youth at our church participated in a national video challenge sponsored by the Presbyterian Foundation. The youth (or tweens as I like to call them) had to create their own video based upon the Micah 6:8 scripture verse, “Do justice, love kindness, walk humbly with your God”. Tons of youth groups submitted videos from all over the country, most of them from churches five or six times our size - we literally have maybe 30 members and 5 tweens. Well, our tiny little Belmont Heights church won!!

If you have a few minutes, watch their video entitled, "Coming Home". It's really an awesome video with some pretty rockin' music!


That Girl said...

Congrats to the tweens

wan-nabe said...

yay for the tweens!

R said...

Sad video. Even sadder that it happens all the time.

Congrats to the tweens for kicking butt!