itsy is a...

Girl!! We're having a baby girl! While we of course would have been thrilled with a baby boy, we are really excited for baby girl Tucker! Though I say I can't wait to dress her in the cutest clothes, I'm more excited to see my sweet and sensitive hubby be a daddy to our little girl! He is going to be the best daddy to our little girl!

To make the announcement, we had a little "gender revealing" party on Sunday with some family and friends. The idea is that we would have a really yummy cake {thank you, Torrance Bakery} and the inside would either be pink or blue and that's how we would reveal the gender.

Each person that came had to make a guess and we gave them either a pink ribbon or a blue ribbon with a plastic pacifier on it. All along, I thought Itsy was a girl and Rob thought Itsy was a boy {actually, he thought Itsy was a boy because I'm such a prissy girl that having a boy would help get me a little dirty}.

Auntie Kristi

Rob thought it would be fun to play a quick game.

We started off playing an egg and spoon race with pink and blue dyed eggs...

But everybody was too good {except me, I was the first one out}. So then it turned into an egg toss {don't worry, I had hard boiled the eggs the night before so there wouldn't be an egg yolky mess at the park}.

People even got physical to catch the eggs!

Little Hunter even wanted to play!

In the end, there were 6 finalists, including 3 grandparents.

But the final two were my dad and brother. They were too good and caught every egg {all those years of playing catch finally paid off}! So Rob thought they should try to throw their egg into a trash can. Turns out they suck at making a basket. Obviously, the rules were very loose. We planned to have just one winner, so my dad let my brother win the Starbucks gift card.

The game pay-off was cutting the cake!

This moment was SO fun! It was like cutting our wedding cake all over again!

Thankfully, there was lots of cake leftover...Itsy will enjoy this cake all week!

One happy grandma!

Itsy even got a cool Beatles gift from her Auntie Melanie! I'm already seeing her in this shirt paired with a denim skirt, funky tights and some cool pink Vans or Converse {my poor hubby}.

After the park party, we continued the celebration with some friends at El Torito.

We had such a wonderful day and feel so blessed that our friends and family came out to celebrate! It was so fun to keep this secret from them for a couple weeks {that's the evil in me}, but I'm loving now being able to share this exciting news with everyone! Bring on the skirts, flower accessories, and dresses!!!


~ Jolene said...

I'm so sorry we missed out on this! My gosh, you sound like me...this is exactly why I want a little girl so bad. And what you said about Rob is exactly what I've said about Gerric. Rob is going to be such an amazing daddy...I can see it already. Congratulations my dear friend...I cannot wait to spoil her rotten. Miss you!

Nanette said...

I agree - Rob is going to be an AWESOME daddy! Both of you are going to have so much fun as parents, I just know it!

Congrats again, mama!!!

That Girl said...

for me 2009 was the year of baby boys. 2010 is turning out to be the year of girl babies! Congratulations.

Leslie said...

Yay for a baby girl Tucker! I'm so excited for you.

We wanted to have a gender reveal party once we found out Charlie was a boy. But it didn't happen. Looks like I got to live vicariously through you. :)

I promise that I will have the cloth diaper post up soon!

Kay said...

i love that idea, a gender reveal party, how clever alyssa!!

congrats on the baby girl, i must warn you though, being a mother to a baby girl is going to be so exhaustively FUN!!!

maybe we can plan lunch soon, with jolene and nanette???

Nataaaa said...

How did people not know it was a girl, i mean come on alyssa the cake is brown and knowing you the inside would be pink! haha

amber said...

Eeeee! Congrats!! Let the buying of all things pink and girlie commence!!!

Kristi said...

Such a fun day!!! and i'm of course so excited to be an auntie :)

dapotato said...

what a fun way to reveal the gender! congrats!

Winnie said...

Eeeeee congratulations!!

lovechilde said...

That was a great idea!! How creative. I've never heard of such.

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