day 2

Day 2 also started off bright and early.

Our humble abode for 2 nights. We had a great tent location - very close to the toilets and far enough away from the food area so we wouldn't hear the super early risers. As we took this picture on day 2, we were still limping from day 1 and we weren't really sure how we'd get through the day with all our aches and pains. All we knew is that we would need to walk slow and steady. Our goal was to not get on the Titty Taxi.

Amber hitting the pavement around 7:30am.

As we started the route, we saw this dude and his chaps. He protected us the entire weekend from cars as we crossed the streets. A Harley Davidson group volunteered and not only did they deck out their bikes, but they also dressed to impress...or dressed to give us a much needed giggle.

A house across the street from camp.

Crossing the first bridge of the morning. Still very hazy and chilly!

Here's the guy that followed the route all weekend and each time we saw him, he wore a different themed costume. We always knew it was him because of his Jeep.

And this guy was a charmer, too.

And another charmer as we walked into the first rest stop of the day.

At the rest stop, we ran into this beauty of a t-shirt. They became our favorite team name and also our walk buddies along the route.

Heading into Ocean Beach. The first "nature walk" of the day. The nature walks became really long, boring, and dreaded! Because there was nothing much to look at, I tended to really notice the pains in my feet and left knee.

Fortunately, there were some cheerers to get us through, though.

Bored out of my mind and only able to focus on my pains. Next time, we are totally going to have a small stereo attached to our backpacks. Music would have definitely helped!

But, as bad as we hurt, we never took the Titty Taxi!

Or the Snaggin' Wagon.

And just when we needed inspiration, we'd see something like this {thankfully, neither one of us got any blisters}.

And who can resist tween cheerleaders!

My absolute favorite outfit from our walk buddy! His sign said "Free Mammograms, No Waiting."

And there were tons of furry friends on day 2. This one was my favorite. She was beautiful!

Seriously, these ladies were totally necessary and their outfits carried you to the next mile.

Come on! Stop the war in my rack!!!

Another Harley Davidson crossing guard in a tutu.

This sign was hysterical and then 500 feet up we saw...

Some booby lovin' guys chillin' with cocktails and cheering on the walkers. They were so generous - they were even handing out some Bud Light so we wouldn't get dehydrated.

We saw these ladies earlier in the day. It's incredible how people dedicate an entire day to cheering and making the walkers laugh. It makes me get teary-eyed just thinking about it...

I walk for...

The Smile Guy. Where's Little Grin?

And, our friend in his Pirate costume.

By this time in the walk, we started thanking the cheerers for being there after they thanked us for walking.

Mission Beach. It was so nice of people to open up their homes for us.

Some shoe decorations Amber captured as I used someone's bathroom.

A survivor taking a cocktail break and holding out the "That was Easy" Staples button.

Had to stop to support the firemen.

The creativity was non-stop!

Mission Bay was fun, but still very long and hard. It was about 15 miles in and we still had 5 to go. We are so glad we ran into the "Yes We Cans" team. They were awesome and encouraging! We walked with them the final 5 miles into camp and even joined them for the evening festivities.

For the foodies...

There was entertainment both Friday and Saturday nights. Friday night we went to bed right after dinner and didn't stick around for the fun. Saturday night though we didn't want to miss anything. This woman was our host and reminded all of us of Ellen DeGeneres. Hysterical!

Friday night there was a talent show {participants and volunteers could enter} and Saturday we voted for the winner by cheering. I can't remember if he won, but he was really good.

After the talent competition, the guys got on stage to dance.

Then it was the ladies turn.

After some fun, we wanted to take some time before bed to remember why we were there. We visited the "Remembrance Tent" where walkers could sign a white tent in memory of a loved one who lost their battle with breast cancer. The white tents signed by walkers from all of the other 3-Day cities lined the entrance. It was very emotional.

Amber signing the tent in honor of her grandmother.

The view from the top of the hill.

One last photograph before heading to bed...

Day 3, our last day, up next...


~ Jolene said...

You had me at "Blisters don't need chemo." I swear, I get emotional just reading your recap. How I wish I could have experienced this. There's always next time...LOVED the pictures!!! What a weekend you will never forget.

amber said...

i <3 our walking angels.

WeezerMonkey said...

People got so creative! I'm impressed!

R said...

I knew you'd get me with the recaps. I just didn't know which one it would be. It's this one. I got teary and emotional reading.

It's so cool that so many people come out to support you guys. I love the outfits and creativity. Awesome, awesome experience.

wan-nabe said...

i can't say it enough - this is all just so inspiring.

That Girl said...

There are more boobs than Mardi-gras!

Winnie said...

Fun pictures and very inspiring!