going, going, gone

It's pretty pathetic when 3 new mommas update their blogs more regularly than I do! But then again, California Girl, Nanette, and Kay have much more to blog about than I do!

Truth be told, as I blogged a few months back, my beloved iSaac officially called it quits in May. Then recently, our desktop decided to quit, too, leaving us with one laptop, which is typically attached to Rob's lap. I'm told a new laptop just came out that's calling our name. Until then, I take {or steal} whatever time I can get with our lonely laptop.

Tons has been going on, but mainly, lots of school stuff. Here are a few hightlights:
- my juku is seriously kickin' right now! We are even thinking about hiring another teacher and/or aide so we don't turn kids away and to offer Emily and I some relief
- I have more homework that I have time for
- My students are awesome and I love working with them {even the real naughty boys, usually anyhow}
- I absolutely love my new classroom and am making some new friends with neighbor teachers, which definitely makes the school day more fun
- A baby is on the way! Not me, my SIL, and I couldn't be more excited to officially be an auntie! I am ecstatic for my bro and Mimi! My brother is drummer, so they will totally have a stylishly talented little musician babe
- I reconnected with one of my best friends from high school, Sarah, whom I've not seen in nearly 8 years! Our "break-up" was a sad time for both of us and we are so happy we've reconnected! Holly, Sarah, and I met up for dinner and the following weekend, Sarah made the hike to Long Beach to hang with Rob and I. It was the first time she's met Rob, so for me, it was a special weekend. We enjoyed some sushi, fro-yo, and shopping!

Sarah, Holly, baby Joanna, me
- I've been having some uncomfortable pain in my left foot since April and with the 3-Day Breast Cancer Walk quickly approaching, I have been trying to get to get it taken care of, but after several doc appointments and random tests, there are still unanswered questions. Though the other day they did suck some juice out of the giant cyst on the bottom of my foot, which will hopefully make the pain on the top of my foot go away. That was Friday and today is Sunday, still have pain...

That's about it. Boring, but extremely busy! I really miss blogging. I'm thankful for Tallulah, my iPhone, so at least I can read up on all my blogger buds!

I'll leave you with a ridiculous conversation I had with my hubby the other day:

Me: Thanks for coming with me to my doctor's appointment today, honey.
Rob: We're married, so it's "our" foot now
Me: Ahh...That's so sweet!
Rob: You're going to blog that I said that, right?
Me: I shouldn't but I will, just because my blogging buddies can relate to these crazy coversations.

Sadly, there was a time when every picture I took would end up on my blog. While I still take tons of photographs with the best intentions, it just hasn't happened lately due to lack of time and lack of computer time. Blogging is cyclical, right?


Winnie said...

Yay for your juku's success! Doesn't it feel good to reconnect with someone from the past?

WeezerMonkey said...

The rarity of your entries makes them even more special now. ;)

Kay said...


congrats to your SIL and very happy that my juku is taking off =)

omg...i want to donate something for your walk, but of course keep forgetting. i will do it this week =)

gotta support a good cause

Sarah said...

I had to share my hub's laptop for the first year we were married. In other words, I had no computer. I feel your pain.

Good to hear from you :)

~ Jolene said...

I'm in the same boat...I can't keep up with the blogging! Hope your foot feels better soon and SO excited for Baby Palmer and that My Juku is a hit! Can't wait to see you!

Nanette said...

You're a crack up. :)

R said...

Of course you had to share that convo with us. ;) I hope your foot feels better very, very soon and yay for the Juku and school. :) Oh! And for becoming an Auntie!!

pam said...

it's fun to hear what you're up to through this blog. :) glad to hear everything w/ my juku is going well :)

wan-nabe said...

you know, the smashing success that my juku is turning out to be comes as no surprise to me whatsoever!

That Girl said...

I'm so glad your Juku is going so well!!!

Loving my kids said...

Congrats on your buisness takin off. Wish I lived closer so you could help/tutor my little ones. Tell Gabe and Mimi congrats on the pregnancy and I hope they have a happy and healthy nine months.

amber said...

so awesome about my juku! hope the foot is feeling better :(