cutest {and happiest} kids EVER

I'm really behind on blogging. Here are some photographs from a recent dinner with the Malouf family. We always love hanging with them - there's never a dull moment with a 3-year old and a 1-year old!

Daniel's 1!
Model shot #1
Model shot #2
Sarah isn't shy at all!
It's crazy how they feed off one another - tons of giggles!

The whole gang
Pretending for a moment what it would be like to have 2 kids

Sarah loves her Uncle Rob-O
Ken, Sarah, and Kelly
Beautiful Sarah
Disclaimer: We have lots of friends with kids and we think those kids are also the cutest {and happiest} kids ever, too.


WeezerMonkey said...

Those are some very adorable children.

Lo said...

I love the pictures of Sarah and Daniel together.

Daddy Dan said...

You're right, Alyssa. Those kids are really cute!

Nanette said...

Such cuties!

~ Jolene said...

they are precious!

Leslie said...

So cute!

R said...

Those kids look like a perfect combo of their parents. Very cute!

wan-nabe said...

of course, i beg to differ re: the title ;) but i agree - those two are absolutely beautiful children.

California Girl said...

Oh my goodness, what BEAUTIFUL children! To die!

kristi said...

They are really cute! I know you say Sarah reminds you of me with her personality and curly hair, but I definitely wasn't that cute as a kid!!!

Winnie said...

Look at those eyes! And the curly hair on the ltitle girl! They are soo cute.

amber said...

those eyes!!

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