boulder, co

The purpose of our road trip adventure was to attend Brent and Andrea's wedding in Boulder, CO on June 28th. We landed in Denver late in the morning with what should have been plenty of time to drive to Boulder, check-in to our hotel, freshen up, and head to the wedding venue. When we arrived to the rental car facility, we waited in line for 2 hours...yes, you read that correctly. 2 hours!! This lengthy line left us with very little time to freshen up for the wedding and drive to the venue. Rob didn't want to go to the ceremony at the risk of being late, but I was set on attending, late or not, since this wedding was the entire reason for our trip. We literally walked to our seats right before the bridal party walked down the aisle. Rob was humiliated and thought that everyone was staring at us and I was relieved that we would witness the wedding vows.

Nature called while we were in the middle of nature...
The ceremony was gorgeous! You can see from the pics that the setting was unbelievable. We were surrounded by nature while at the Sunrise Amphitheatre. It was a schlep up, but once we arrived, it allowed us to see all of Boulder just before sunset. Very picturesque!

After the ceremony, we headed to the reception which was in downtown Boulder at Rembrandt Yard. This is about when I decided that we would have to move to Boulder at some point in our future. Boulder is the perfect combination of "granola" and "metropolitan". Back to the reception...Brent and Andrea rented an art museum for the festivities. The entire day perfectly represented the couple. The ceremony was beautiful and outdoorsy while the reception was modern and simple. To top off the perfect afternoon, instead of cake, they had an ice cream bar!
The Dailys
Rob, Brent, and Chris (they met while at Saatchi)
Sunday was our first full day in Boulder. We woke up late to recover from the eventful day before and headed to the downtown area to meet up with our new friends, Rod and Beth. Rob reconnected with Rod at the wedding (they used to work together) and we all got along really well. We ate at Mountain Sun Brewery where I officially had the best ranch dressing ever! After lunch, we rented some bikes and went exploring. This creek is just a couple streets off the main road in downtown Boulder. See, the perfect combo of nature vs. metro.

Beth and Rod
I love how this pic shows Pearl St. with the mountains in the background
Had to take a pic with the pink Vespa. I think I need one!
We spent the rest of Sunday roaming around and eating a crappy pizza dinner at a Colorado chain, Old Chicago. We were looking for another pizza place that was Yelp recommended, but couldn't find it anywhere. Either the address was wrong or it didn't exist anymore. By the time we strolled by Old Chicago, we were headachy hungry. Luckily, I was able to top off the evening with a delicious Nutella crepe.

Monday, sadly our last day in Boulder, we headed for the Celestial Seasoning's Factory with Rod and Beth, perfectly located on Sleepytime Drive. We had a tour of the factory and inhaled all kinds of very fragrant teas. With each step near a crate of boxed herbs and spices, the scent literally changed and filled the area. The Peppermint Room was perhaps my favorite. I have a new appreciation of tea!

We had to wear hair nets while walking through the factory
After the tour, we said our good-byes to Rod and Beth. They were heading home to Orlando and we were heading to Denver...In my mind, Boulder was already my favorite city!


amber said...

ah, you got to hang out with the sleepytime bear. so cute :)

Nanette said...

I, too, think you need a pink vespa. You already have a tank top to go with it!

Lo said...

That bike ride is picture perfect. I think if you lived in Boulder you would need a pink trail bike to go with your pink vespa.

WeezerMonkey said...

I am laughing at loud at the look on your face exiting the bathroom.

dapotato said...

i SO need to take a photo with that bear. everything does look very "cleaned up granola." ;)

Crystal Waters said...

I would love it if you would submit your photo to scootpink.com! It's a great photo. That's actually a Genuine Buddy. best, Crystal, scootpink.com

R said...

That vespa is calling your name.

Winnie said...

You had me at nutella crepe. Yummmmm.

Leslie said...

What a beautiful place! It's been years since I've been to Colorado.

I'm loving the pink Vespa. If you get one, can I borrow it?

wan-nabe said...

i hate missing wedding ceremonies, too. i'm just a sap like that.

pink vespa AND pink beetle? i LOVE it!