maui revealed, day 3

Day 3 of our Maui adventure consisted of lunch at Mama's Fish House and some beach action. Mama's Fish House was my favorite meal of the trip! From our fruity cocktails to the zesty shrimp appetizer to our mouth-watering main courses to the decadent dessert, the entire meal was absolutely perfect. Expensive, but delicious.

As we made our way down from Olinda, the city where our condo rental was located, we drove through the quaint town of Makawao and saw some playful horses that we had to stop and gaze at. They were so beautiful and content, with their view of sugar cane fields and the ocean. Rough life...

On our way to Mama's we literally took the road less traveled. According to our Google Maps directions, we had to spend over 3 miles on a bumpy dirt road. While on the dirt road, which by the way took us through beautiful views of sugar cane and the ocean, we saw randomly placed stop signs and the remains of Maui High School. I still giggle when I think of the few stop signs we saw on this road. We were literally the only car on this road, but thank goodness there were stop signs though just in case another car joined us on the wide dirt road.

While at Mama's we conversed with some other tourists traveling from the Chicago area. They were spending two weeks in Maui...ugh, heaven! A cool factoid that this restaurant shares on the menu the actual fisherman or fishing boat that caught the fish.

After lunch we headed to the beach to digest. The blue water was gorgeous, but the wind took a little of the Hawaiian beach dream away. We stayed for about an hour and then couldn't take it anymore. The water even felt chilly!

Obviously, we're not big on the whole tanning thing...

As we were reading and relaxing, a local surfer dude walked past us and suggested that we "water" the greenery because it's really dry. Then he proceeded to pee right in front of us...I guess when you're stoned, all inhibitions disappear.

When we arrived back to the condo, we made some dinner and watched Rendition. We both loved this movie! The night before we watched Dan in Real Life. We loved this movie too, and love Steve Carell, he's hysterical!



WeezerMonkey said...

Tanning is overrated! ;)

Nanette said...

Dahhhh! He totally peed??? Ewww!

amber said...

only one day on the beach? sad :(

your "perpetually white, but still loves the beach" friend ;)

Lo said...

Hmmm, didn't look like that greenery needed much watering. The color of the water is amazing, and lunch looked delectable.

R said...

So bummed that you had to leave due to wind and a crazy peeing local.