short poofy dress

Rob just told me we had this conversation last night while I slept:

Me: Muffin, I have to take off this short poofy dress.
Rob: Oh really, why?
Me: Because I need to take off this short poofy dress.
Rob: Are you sure it's short and poofy and not long and poofy?
Me: It's a short poofy dress.
Rob: Ok.
Me: Why are the lights on?
Rob: Because I'm still working. Just taking a break right now.
Me: Ok.

Our conversation about the conversation was this:

Me: Hmm...sounds cute! I wonder what this short poofy dress looked like.
Rob: {kind of sarcastic, kind of honest} I thought how sweet it was that you were dreaming about all the stuff that matters to you. Not all of the other drab details about life.
Me: Me too.
Rob: You were half asleep, but it seemed like you were excited to get back to your dream.
Me: I wish I knew what this short poofy dress looked like. I wonder why it was short?

Rob: You may have been hot or knowing you, you didn't want to be sleeping in your poofy dress.
Me: Hmm... Good point.

As I was falling asleep, I was watching a Sex and the City special feature disc about all of the clothes that were featured on the show. SJP seriously wore the most fabulous dresses. Two of my favorites, that could have easily been what I was dreaming about last night:

Maybe I'll have sweet, poofy dress dreams again tonight...


Lo said...

that is classic. love the dialog!

dapotato said...

we have conversations like that pretty often, and i never remember them. i knew i wasn't the only one...

Leslie said...

As cute as some of SJP's ensembles were, some of them were downright redonkulous.

That said, sounds like a great dream. :)

R said...

I have these conversations with Hubbs, ones he doesn't remember not about dresses, and he almost never remembers them. Too funny.

Winnie said...

Sometimes I ask my husband if he wants to buy me [insert expensive item] when he's almost asleep . . . but he never seems to follow through when we're actually at the mall. Hmph.

Lilcee said...

love the convo. too cute. I'm sure whichever dress you were wearing must've look fabu.

wan-nabe said...

the hub never remembers conversations we have when he's half asleep. i've gotten some great stuff out of it ;)