mazel tav!

This weekend we had the honor of attending our little cousin Liann's Bat Mitzvah. Liann has always been very shy, but on her special day she glowed and even seemed to enjoy the spotlight. We were all so proud of Liann! She's an incredible little girl with so much intelligence, compassion, strength, beauty, and love. Happy Bat Mitzvah, Liann!

Liann preparing before the service
Rob, Liann, and I
Getting the party started...
Liann's dad wanted in on the fun too
Father-Daughter dance
Liann enjoying her party
Laura and her daddy (my FIL)
Laura and her BF, Jeff
Rob enjoying one of the party props

Liann and her mom, Nadine, worked so hard on all of the party details. Liann is a huge horse lover, so the theme was horses.

All of the men received a Yarmulke with little silver horses on them
The centerpieces were buckets with stuffed horses and fake carrots and apples with some fresh daisies (each table was also named after a different horse)
Table assignments were placed on little plastic horses
I have never been to a Bat or Bar Mitzvah. I grew up in a home that celebrated Christmas and Easter, but never discussed the significance behind the celebrations. We never really discussed religion and looking back, I don't recall having any friends who practiced a specific religion (except for a friend who was Mormon and all I remember is that she couldn't drink soda and she couldn't play with me on Sundays). As a recently baptized Christian, I am still somewhat uneducated on other religions. Wow, was I blown away on Saturday as I watched Liann read the Torah in Hebrew. I had absolutely no idea what a commitment Judaism was. I'd always heard about the big party that goes along with a Bat or Bar Mitzvah, and admittedly thought it was a bit odd. After witnessing my first Bat Mitzvah, I believe that the party is now totally well deserved. If in order to pass through this stage of Judaism, a child who is 12 or 13 must be nearly bilingual in Hebrew, a party is surely necessary. I've always admired Liann for her kindness and her passion for horses, but I certainly have a new admiration for Liann that includes wisdom and perseverance. Thank you, Liann for opening my eyes to something new.

BTW, I was able to wear a dress that I definitely didn't fit into a couple months ago - thank you Weight Watchers! Nevermind the fact that I wore a seersucker dress in November, I was so freakin' thrilled that it fit me. I also wore my wedding jewelry again - I was so excited!


WeezerMonkey said...

Looks like a blast! That's so cool you got to learn a little bit about Judaism. Mazel tov to that! :)

Nanette said...

Wow! She has gorgeous long hair! And you looked fab, dear! Congrats on the weight loss!

Kay said...

i know that dress--it's jcrew right?
i study jcrew catalogs for fun, b/c i want all there stuff...hahaha

mrsbumblebee said...

That's cool you got to go to a Bat Mitzvah, I have never been to one. Glad you found my blog, looking forward to reading yours!!

R said...

You're looking good! Glad that WW is working out for you. :) And very cool to learn about another religion. Sounds like it was a fun party.

Jolene said...

You look amazing. and Liann is a beautiful girl! I love her hair! That's awesome. I fell off the WW wagon in Hawaii and haven't been able to get back on. :( I suck. That's so great that you were able to experience a Bar Mitsvah. I've never been to one.

amber said...

what a sweet post! that is awesome that you were able to learn a little about another religion (i still haven't been to a bar or bat mitzvah) while being able to celebrate your cousin's accomplishment. and a huge YAY on the weightloss!! :D